Andy to enroll Hanna to 2 Kindergartens

Andy Lau and Carol Chu’s daughter Hanna just reached 3 years old, in September this year she would be eligible to register for K1. In order for their daughter to get into a suitable school, the couple had already started to take action since last year as they went to five schools for interviews, finally three schools accepted Hanna. After much consideration, the couple decided on Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten and Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten, two established schools and gave up on international school.


In two more months before school opens, the couple had not made a decision and decided to make the uniform of both schools, paid the school fees and would attend the AM and PM session of respective schools.


In order to protect daughter from outside disturbance, Andy had his defense line for his daughter, but Andy said before that he hoped that his daughter could be like the other children to study in a normal school and not be prioritize.

Insider revealed: “Because Hanna seldom get in contact with strangers, thus she was shy during the interviews, among the 5 schools only 3 schools accepted her, one of them is an international school, but the couple always preferred their daughter to study in a traditional school, thus international school is out, what remains are Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten and Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten which they can’t make a decision. Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten had all service in one and famous, known for good English, Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten is a Catholic school, as both are Buddhist, thus Carol favor the rather peasant Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten, but they could not made up their mind, thus they paid the school fees for both schools to reserve slots, made the uniforms, spending a total of HK$70,000, people suggesting to them that Hanna could attend the AM session of one school and the PM session of another school, observe which school suits Hanna before making a decision, actually a lot of parents are doing this way.”


The insider added: “Hanna loved to stick with his father, whenever she wake up, the first thing is to look for her father, she wanted to follow her father to work, thus Andy would sometimes bring her to the office. At home, Andy would be the good guy showing care and concern to his daughter and mother would be the “villain”, therefore Hanna would not follow anyone and would stick with her father. Earlier, Andy need to stay in Beijing for long periods with only one-two free days per week, he would jet back to Hong Kong to look for his daughter.”


Last week, Carol was photographed carrying Hanna to register her in Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten, wearing the school uniform Hanna was sitting on her mother’s leg sucking her thumb. After the news was reported, several mothers of children in the same school started discussing on “mother websites”, some even expressed that they were excited about the parents’ day. Some was angry that it might attract paparazzi to the school!

It is said that Andy and wife had invested a lot to nurture their daughter as she already knew how to speak Cantonese, English and Chinese. “Hanna already knew a lot of English words, she spoke fluent Chinese, the couple hired professional foreign teachers, set up a playgroup at their home, asked children of friends to their home to play and learn English together.” With his daughter under good care, Andy could relax and flew to Beijing for the shooting of Wall of China, however Hanna loves to stick with his father thus Carol had to fly between China and Hong Kong, sometimes bringing Hanna along to visit his father.


Last month’s Fathers’ Day, Carol and Hanna flew to Beijing for gathering as Andy uploaded photographs of his Fathers’ Day cake and commented: “Hope all fathers could enjoy the joy of being a father and meet with family.” Andy even arranged his wife and daughter to meet his fans at his recent fan gathering.


After staying at Beijing for close to two weeks, Carol brought Hanna back to Hong Kong. Upon reached the airport, when Hanna saw the awaiting bodyguards, she got excited and wave at them. That day, there were 4 bodyguards and 2 maids. Carol was wearing white T-shirt and face mask, Hanna whom was wearing white T-shirt and gray legging was always carried by the maid. Hanna whom just reached 3 years old seems to grow taller, she seems refreshed and kept talking. When they were walking to the custom, the bodyguards security got higher as they kept looking around, one meaty bodyguard purposely walked in front of Hanna to block the view of others. Along the way, Hanna keep pointing here and there, she chatted with people and blew “bubbles” at others.





Three days after his wife and daughter back in Hong Kong, his film had finished shooting and attended the wrapped up shooting press conference before rushing to the airport to catch his flight back to Hong Kong. Close to 40 fans went to the airport to send him off, Andy who dressed casual and was wearing a face mask bid farewell to the fans before entering the custom as he was excited that he could return home to carry his precious daughter.


news and photos from:, Next Magazine