Saving Mr. Wu release attitude trailer

Recently, Saving Mr.Wu which is directed by Ding Sheng, starring Andy Lau, Liu Ye, Wang Qianyuan released a film director’s attitude trailer. For the first time, film director Ding Sheng walked onto the front stage from the backstage with a breakthrough trailer which made used of red colored catch phrases, using stylish words to directly express the attitude of the film, bringing the “burning hormones” to the extreme. The film will open in Mainland China cinemas on 30 September, alighting the The National Day slot in advance.

“Here, there is no fresh meat (young,handsome, muscular actor), there is only hormones”, being a male theme crime thriller, the director made used of such modern stylish phrases to clearly state out the independent style of Saving Mr. Wu. The collision of racing cars on the road, messy fights in a billiard room, Liu Ye chasing down the road, such strong “hormones” announcing the returning of strong men.


“Battles of acting”, “Only for a good show”, “Seeing realistic”, following these promotional phrases, the strong points of this film are clearly shown. Bidding goodbye to their elegant actor fronts, the main cast presented their most natural image. The looking hopeless “hostage” Andy Lau, the out of norm moody “policeman” Liu Ye, dressed in prisoner uniform and crying Wang Qianyuan. These faces replaced today on the silver screen, Saving Mr. Wu clearly showed that it would not be using “handsome faces” to attract the audience. At the end, the real footage of the rescue of the kidnapping of Wu Ruo Fu, scenes of gun battles, it announced the truth behind the “first kidnapping of an actor” will be revealed soon.

Film director Ding Sheng expressed: “The current film industry is getting very messy, for a real film, fresh meat, handsome and male god should not be the most important, most important must be the actors’ acting and telling a good story. Returning to the origins of a film is a real film.” Being the box office record holder for Chinese crime thriller film, Ding Sheng normally use cool images to replace dialogue, using outsider angle to spread “violent” and such “violent” would not make people turned their back but could really “stun the audience”. Saving Mr. Wu took 2 years to produce, since the release of the trailer, it kept showing off the special “violent art”, this is a daring attempt from Ding Sheng and also a new beginning for “tough guys violent” film.

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