Andy appeared in Taiwanese film – Our Times

Taiwanese youthful comedy film Our Times recently released its poster and a “forever heavenly king Andy Lau” video special. The film was executive produced by Golden Horse Film Award winner Yeh Jufeng, directed by idol drama producer Chen Yu-Shan of Fated to Love You and Prince of Lan Ling fame, its cast includes newbie actors Vivian Sung, Darren Wang, Dino Lee, Dewi Chien and Golden Bell Best Actress Chung Hsin-Ling, Golden Bell Best Actor Chu Chung-heng, Kristy Cha-Ray Chu, Jeffery Hsu and Jack Na Uei-hsun. On the film’s poster and video special, it revealed for the first time the film’s special cameo heavenly king Andy Lau!


Since entered showbiz, Andy had more than 150 films to his name, it’s had been more than 10 years Andy had not acted in a Taiwanese film. Actually Andy had a strong relationship with Taiwan as he won the Best Actor award in Golden Horse Film Awards twice, being the chairman of judging panel for 49th Golden Horse Film Awards, he also invested in Focus First Cuts, he said: “The Taiwanese film industry has always being an important piece of Jigsaw Puzzle in my film career, always hope to shoot another Taiwanese film, would like to remember the feeling of shooting in Taiwan!” After he received the script of Our Times, he read and understand that the story is based in the 90s and during that time, the appearance of Andy Lau in Asia would become a part of everybody’s life, he quipped: “Maybe people will like it or hate it, but sorry because you can’t escape from it!”



Many fans had accompanied Andy through this generation, in everybody’s life, you would find the footprint of Andy Lau, it’s because of this affinity making the collaboration. Other than being an actor, Andy also invested in films all these years, his recent investments Firestorm, A Simple Life and Singing When We Are Young are doing well, his company also has Focus First Cuts which gave chances to new film directors in Asia, after reading the story of Our Times, Andy invested in the film to show his support for the new Taiwanese film director and actors.


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