Cecilia Cheung OUT, Gao Yuanyuan to replace her to partner Andy in Running On Karma sequel

According to Taiwanese media reports, 2003’s Running On Karma starring Andy Lau which his image in the film left a deep impression, the film did well in the box office and fared good reviews, even won the Best Film award in Hong Kong Films Awards, now it’s alleged that the film company wanted to shoot a sequel but the female lead had been changed from Cecilia Cheung to Gao Yuanyuan.


All along the film company wanted to shoot a sequel but Wai Ka-fai did not have any new ideas, thus the idea did not materialize, till now Wai Ka-fai finally have new ideas thus he would be collaborating with Johnnie To to direct Running On Karma 3D, shooting expected to start in the middle of 2016, it would be a collaboration with Huayi Brothers with a production fee close to HK$200 million but Cecilia Cheung will be replaced by Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan.


Actually during the shooting of Running On Karma in 2003, Cecilia was a frequently came late and reported sick, then Johnnie To was furious with her but being the favorite of Mrs. Cheung Tiffany Chen, the film director had to endure with her and it seems that he never collaborate with Cecilia again. It was also alleged that when Andy who was hanging on wires acting in a scene with Cecilia, she care less as she whipped out her mobile phone to discuss their shopping list with her friend, which angered Andy and complained to Mr. Charles Heung: “If not for the sake of you, I could not carry on acting.” Earlier, Cecilia was also cut from Fengshen Bang 3D due to her lack of professionalism which angered Charles Heung into scolding her and declared not not use her in his films again.

It is said that other than Andy and Gao Yuanyuan in Running On Karma 3D, the son of Charles Heung – Jacky Heung will be also cast as the disciple of Andy, in which he would transformed to a big guy and blessed with good martial arts skills, Andy who is a monk again would not transform into a big guy as it’s a good thing for him as it’s tough wearing those special effects costume.


When reporters called the film company to rectify the news, the spokeswoman expressed through a telephone interview: “We did have the idea of shooting a sequel, but nothing had been decided yet, once we confirm, the company will make announcement.”

news and photos from: news.seehua.com, ent.ifeng.com

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