Andy brought wife and daughter to meet fans

The daughter of Andy Lau and Carol Chu Liqian Hanna is already 3 years old, in April 2015 her face got exposed for the first time and Andy is slowly opening her up to the outside world. Last Saturday during Andy World Club activity, he allowed Carol and Hanna to go onto the stage to meet the fans, Hanna was shy as she held tightly to his father.


According to Next Magazine, Andy promised his fans last year that he would show his daughter to them when she’s 3 years old, after one year he fulfilled his promise as during last Saturday’s Andy World Club 27th anniversary, close to thousands of fans gathered at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, everybody must register with their identification card and have their bag checked, strictly no photo and video taking equipments, mobile phones could not be used in the premise, the security level had upped one level compared to previous years.


Towards the end of the gathering, Andy sang ‘Xin Gan Bao Bei’, the giant screen playback photographs of his family life, Andy invited his parents onto the stage to cut cake and took photos, he expressed: “I wanted to introduce to everybody my two precious….” the fans burst into loud scream and half a minute had passed but Carol and daughter had not made an appearance, it’s because Hanna was scared as she seldom encounter such large crowd, Andy then went to comfort her as he carried Hanna with one hand and another hand holding onto Carol’s hand, walking onto the stage.

Hanna was wearing a yellow dress and slippers, she kept lying onto Andy’s chest, Carol whispered words into her ears before she turned her head to greet the fans, but when Andy put the microphone to her mouth, she pushed it away, Carol who was standing beside burst into laughter. The 3 of them then took a family photo, the couple spend a lot of effort to get Hanna to look at the direction of the camera, Andy said: “Ok! They have to leave, I don’t want to give the baby a fright!”


It is said that after Andy completed the shooting of Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall, he would stopped all work in the second half of the year in order to accompany Hanna getting used of school life. Insiders revealed that Andy and wife picked several kindergartens and they preferred traditional school instead of international school, the family of three went interview together as they focus on the school’s environment.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News