Saving Mr. Wu scheduled to screen on 30 September 2015

Saving Mr.Wu which is directed by Ding Sheng, starring Andy Lau, Liu Ye, Wang Qianyuan and Wu Ruo Fu held its press conference in Beijing on 12 April 2015, announcing that the film would open in cinemas on 30 September. Accommodating the film’s story, director Ding Sheng even brought the interrogation chair and the male leads played with the chair.


Kidnapping being the theme of the film, the press conference kicked off with kidnapping as all attending reporters receiving a ransom text message from an anonymous sender, the message reads: “Listen up everybody! Your main character Mr. Wu is in our hands. If you want the press conference to goes smoothly, used all the box office taking to save him! Report to the police and you’re never see Mr. Wu again!” Who was the culprit among the male cast Andy Lau, Liu Ye and Wang Qianyuan became the question as three of them played along and began to self-defense themselves.

Andy started the ball rolling by saying: “I’m not in need of money, why should I involve in kidnapping. I’m currently busy, Lost and Love just screened, I’ve no time for kidnapping.” Director Ding Sheng then quipped: “It seems that the character you’re playing in Lost and Love is not wealthy.” Andy replied: “But our box office taking is good! Anyway not in need of money, it’s not me!” Andy based on his own argument of “not in need of money”.


Liu Ye then followed suit by saying: “Everybody has been describing me as tall and handsome, presentable and with a strong sense of righteousness, how is it possible for me to be involved in kidnapping?” It seems that Liu Ye’s words has some meaning, Wang Qianyuan rebuked: “So you’re saying that I’m shifty-looking? But I’m shooting TV dramas, during free time had to take care of my children, surely I’m not a kidnapper.”

The three of them were so persistent of their innocence but after discussion with the film director, they decided to put Liu Ye who said the most words onto the interrogation chair, the chair was the personal collection of director Ding Sheng, according to him, the chair is not a prop but rather the actual chair being brought back from the police station.


Upon seeing Liu Ye seated on the chair and his hands handcuffed, Wang Qianyuan who was being teased by Liu Ye then challenged him, “C’mon, come hit me!” Andy who was standing beside did not interfere but was laughing at Liu Ye being teased. Despite all these, the interrogation did not find out who was the kidnapper but Andy, Liu Ye and Wang Qianyuan still kept laughing on the stage.


However from the tips of the actors, we could still guess the characters that they were in the film. Andy revealed: “This time round the most unforgettable was to be trapped by the director in a place, hope he can treat me better in our next collaboration,” in addition to the film poster whereby Andy’s face was being covered by somebody’s hands from behind, Andy has high possibility of being the one being kidnapped. Liu Ye revealed: “Before collaborating with Andy, he’s just a conceptual person to me, this time I finally can touched him, when I kidnapped him, oops, I slipped my mouth, then Wang Qianyuan catches me, oops, slipped again.” So it seems that the normally righteousness Liu Ye is challenging himself for the kidnapper role.

Liu Ye then imitate Andy’s rocking voice in ‘Wang Qing Shui’. Andy who was being teased transformed to “China’s Voice” instructor by rating Liu Ye’s voice: “Can hear that there is a story in your voice” . Wang Qianyuan then described Andy as his “love enemy” during his teenage years, “because all the girls like him, thus my first love does not want me.”


Actually other than the 3 male leads on the stage, another male lead Wu Ruo Fu also attended the activity, he was kidnapped before in real life. According to director Ding Sheng’s introduction, this film Saving Mr. Wu idea came from the kidnapping of Wu Ruo Fu 11 years ago. Ding Sheng said: “So able to invited him to act in this film, I paid him several visits, because it’s acting his life experience, it’s about kidnapping, it never happened in this circle before.”

Ding Sheng revealed that when he was shooting Police Story 2013, he once stayed at the police department in charge of kidnapping cases for 3 months, thus he has good understanding on kidnapping cases thus inspired him to shoot a movie on this.

Wu Ruo Fu expressed that he initially wanted to avoid this film, “It’s not because of this case, in actual fact I not that weak, I’m just worried that this film would be too exaggerated.” However, after seeing the hard work from the film director, he finally release himself. “The director stayed with the police for 3 months to catch a criminal. When I received the script, I then relaxed.” According to the introduction of Ding Sheng, Wu Ruo Fu played the role of a police inspector in the film.


At the end of the press conference, the production team announced that the film would hit the cinemas on 30 September 2015, using gold chains to lock up the numbers “930” as the film will premiere during the National Day period. Andy also wrote a calligraphy of the film’s title as a present to the film company wishing it to have a good box office collection.


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