Andy transformed to outdoor stylish man and drenched in sweat

Andy Lau shot a new commercial for Tao Ti, where he was camping in a natural surroundings, he wore sports wear transforming him to an outdoor stylish man. Andy was satisfied with his image as he exchanged his views with crew members on the color coordination in the outdoor.


In this commercial, his outdoor dressing was about multiple layer pairing of clothes, which made it difficult for Andy to walk around and did different poses under 40 degrees Celsius, he also required to lie on the rock pretending to sleep under the hot sun which resulted him to be drenched in sweat, an optimistic Andy quipped that it was “hot stone massage” for him which aids blood circulation, he further joked that the sweat for shooting this scene was enough to drench 10 clothes.



Andy wanted the images to be kinetic, his made self request to jump from one rock to another rock which made everybody nervous as all of them surrounded Andy to prevent any accident from happening, luckily Andy did a test jump on several rocks and finally managed to capture a prefect scene.


Andy then revealed that he was a mountain climbing expert as he once climbed a snow mountain in Switzerland, he said: “The most unforgettable was climbing a snow mountain in Switzerland, during my walk around the mountain for 4 hours, I did not see anyone, just enjoying nature, that was a great feeling.”


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