Carol brought Hanna Lau to Beijing, looks exposed

According to Next Magazine reports, last Thursday which coincidentally was Carol Chu’s 49th birthday, she brought along her daughter Hanna to Beijing in order to meet up with Andy Lau to celebrate her birthday together. Carol also brought her daughter to Chaoyang Park and reporter managed to take a photograph of Hanna’s face, this is the first time that Andy’s 3-years-old daughter being seen in public.


In the report, it was stated that Andy had applied leave from Zhang Yimou to leave from the shooting of The Great Wall and return to Hong Kong to celebrate his wife’s 49th birthday, but the shooting was delayed and a professional Andy took the initiative to forgo his leave to continue shooting in Beijing. In order not to disappoint his family, he arranged Carol to bring the daughter along to Beijing.


Upon arrival to Beijing, Carol relaxed her vigilance as when she brought Hanna to Chaoyang Park, the reporter managed to have a face photograph of Hanna. In the report, it stated: “Hanna has big eyes, small mouth and high nose, a combination of her parents, can be said to be a beauty baby.” During their outing at Chaoyang Park, Carol kept pointing and explaining the surrounding to her daughter and even asked the assistant to help take photographs. Hanna was seen smiling and appeared on a good mood.


Since giving birth to a daughter on 9 May 2012 and promoted to a father, Andy had always protect the privacy of his daughter. He even bought a conjoin apartment on Kadoorie Hill, also rented a service apartment – The Gateway at Tsim Sha Tsui. Even when his daughter need to go to the clinic for injection, there would be 4 bodyguards. In addition, Andy also hired 3 nannies to take care of his wife and daughter, and insisting his daughter to be a vegetarian.



In March 2014, Andy and his fans had a BBQ gathering in Tai Po, he did show photograph of Hanna on his mobile phone to familiar fans who were allowed to look at it for 3 seconds, not photographs or video allowed. Those lucky fans whom had seen the photograph expressed: “Hanna has short hair, high nose, big eyes and looked like Carol Chu.”


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