Andy revealed that he wish to act as a child abductor

On 21 March 2015, Andy Lau was at a shopping mall for the promotion of Lost and Love which attracted large number of fans which jam packed the 5 floors of the mall. Andy revealed that the gray coat that he wore in the film was his father’s. He also recalled during the location shooting in Mainland China, he was disappointed when nobody recognize him. Being handsome for 50 years, he said: “When I alight from the car, nobody recognize me, so disappointed! Out of a sudden nobody recognize me, I’m an artiste!” When talked about shooting those riding motorcycle scenes, Andy exclaimed that he wanted the crew members to take note of his realistic expression and movements as he wanted to wash away the shadow of Wah Dee in A Moment of Romance.


10 small fans were arranged to play a father-son game, Andy who always wanted to have a son burst into laughter when he saw 5 boys, he quipped: “One look will know they are mine (sons)!” During the game, Andy held onto the little boy’s hand, lowered his head to chat with them, full of fatherly look. When interviewed, Andy felt that now he’s more convincing when acting in Lost and Love, he said: “Andy Lau as a farmer is already far fetched, if I’m currently not a father, it would be more far fetched, the audience will also feel that him (Lei Zhekuan) is the father representative of Chinese films.” Andy stressed that this film is not for winning awards, he also didn’t register to participate in any film festivals, he just wish to shoot one film about child abduction every year in order for everybody to remember about it.

Vicky Zhao’s Dearest has a similar topic on human trafficking, he said: “Lost and Love is talking about what happened 15 years later, he’s lost after losing his son for 15 years, not knowing whether can he still find his son but in the end still insisted on his belief whereas Dearest is about a father who just lose his son, very depressing, more emotional. Everybody can treat Lost and Love as the sequel to Dearest, Dearest is the story 15 years ago while Lost and Love is the days after.” When asked if he intends to shoot a prequel, Andy does not have any plans and suggested the audience to watch Dearest will do, the story of such films would be around the same, however he intend on shooting another twisted story where he’s the abductor.


The film managed to collect RMB$40 millions on the first day of screening in Mainland China, Andy exclaimed that Lost and Love is not a commercialize film thus decided to open in cinemas during the dull March period thus he did suspect if the box office taking exceeded hundred millions. He said: “Now it stand a chance! This film is low budget, the highest being my fee, but I’ll be donating my fee as investment, it will be one third investment with director and Huayi Brothers boss.”


When talked about Mr. Charles Heung and wife attacking and not using Cecilia Cheung, Andy does not wish to comment and refuse to answer to allegation that Cecilia angered him during the shooting of Running On Karma because he does not wish to get involved or made the matter more complicated. With regards to who would win this year’s Best Actor and Actressm, he said: “Zhao Wei stands a higher chance, but Charlene Choi had been acting for so many years, this breakthrough is worth encouraging, finally it all depended on what’s the direction of this year’s Hong Kong Films Awards. With regards to Best Actor, of course I support Lau Ching Wan.”

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