Andy revealed that director regretted as she approached the wrong person

Lost and Love, starring Andy Lau, the film on abduction of children held its charity premiere in Hong Kong on 22 March 2015, hundreds of fans were there to welcome their idol. Partial of the box office taking will be donated to The United Nations Children’s Fund. Several celebrities which includes Gordon Lam, Philip Keung and Christine Au Yang. Andy who was wearing a western suit quipped that he cracked his brain for the farmer character, as he used toner to keep his face dry and free of oil, he also wore a hat to sun tan in order for hair oil.


On the stage, Andy pointed out that for this collaboration with Mainland China newbie film director Peng Sanyuan, he initially never thought of accepting after receiving the script, but after reading the synopsis of the story, he felt that the character is challenging and quipped that the director is daring enough to cast him in the role, after consideration he decided to take up the offer. Andy exclaimed that the problem of child abduction always existed as during the 80s-90s it was a common sight to see “little beggars” but nobody knew their background, the problem of child abduction had never been solved, the film hopes to encourage everybody to use a positive attitude to help these children.


As director Peng Sanyuan started off by filming artistic films, Andy believed that the main pressure of the film would be box office taking, the shooting methods were changed in order to help relief the pressure off the director. Andy said: “I do not know the director beforehand, but never think so much, her self-assertive and aggressive changed my traditional way of thinking, it’s worth supporting.” When asked if he lower his fees to help out the newbie director, Andy quipped: “I did not collect any money, if to lose money let’s lose together, there’s no reason me losing money alone, take it as an investment.”


With regards to any preventive methods on child abduction, he said: “There’s a lot of preventive methods, for example do not talk to strangers, for us who does not need to work, we can take care of our children all the time, but many parents need to go out to work, the society need a mature law, had to start from the police and education.” When his daughter grows up, will he show her this film, Andy expressed that he will want his daughter to learn to protect herself and taught her the correct knowledge.


During the premiere, Andy was surrounded by many citizens, he recalled that he was also surrounded by many people during shooting of the film. When the compere asked if it hindered the shooting, he said: “Nope, I won’t feel comfortable if there were no onlookers.” He quipped that the film director is a newbie thus she does not know that I’m so popular, but after one week, she started to regret as she had approached the wrong man.

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