Andy: “Image will not affect my performance!”

Lost and Love, a production of Huayi Brothers Media Group, Beijing Yuanhesheng Entertainment and Focus Film Limited was screened in cinemas nationwide on 20 March 2015. On the first day of screening, Huayi Brothers CEO Wang Zhonglei, director Peng Sanyuan and male lead Andy Lau appeared at Shenzhen’s Golden Harvest Jinyi Cineplex to promote the film.


With a similar theme on abducted children, My Dearest directed by Peter Chan was screened earlier, with good box office taking and reviews, Lost and Love would be compared against the film. With regards to this, director Peng Sanyuan believed both films had their own strong points, just like every person has their own character, she said: “I don’t wish Lost and Lost would not built on others’ sorrow, nor hope people will cry over it. Hope that the film will console those family whom lost their children.”


When talked about the aim of accepting Lost and Love, Andy expressed that it’s his responsibility as he hope the society will pay more attention on abduction. “Since looking at the script, I hope to take up this character. Many people feel that this character is not suitable for me, but I insisted on it, the script had moved me, it’s a huge challenge for me. At current stage, I also feel that I’m most suitable to be cast as a father, this is one of the reason I accepted this film offer. I’m not sure in years to come if anyone would offer such a role to me, so I accepted it.”

Andy exclaimed that most people approached him with film offers with intention of making money, but Peng Sanyuan is different, “She has responsibility to society, before shooting started she interviewed more than 100 families, this touched me, I wish to fight along with her.” With regards to the biggest benefit of acting in this film, Andy answered: “In the past, felt that abduction is very distance to me, but now I found out that it’s not, this made me cherish my time together with my family more.”


In the film, Andy is a poor character, he finally had the chance to act something different. When Andy was cast as a farmer in the film, Andy has no problems of “abusing” his handsome looks, with regards to this, some praise him while some asked: “Does a farmer looked so handsome?” With regards to his outlook, Andy expressed that it does not affect his performance, no matter whether people will accept but he will listen to their opinions, “I’ll be delighted if there is praises, if there isn’t it will become my target to work hard in future. My appearance will not affect my performance, I’m in showbiz for more than 30 years, there should be an allocated image, I can only wash it away slowly day by day.”

Some audience found out that Andy’s hands in the film is exactly the same of the hands of a farmer, for this realistic effect, Andy specially prepared to give special treatment to his fingers as he used alcohol to wash them, making them to look dry. He expressed modestly: “Maybe my acting is not up to the mark, but my mentality had made it, thus I can give my performance 10 marks.”


With regards to how to portray the feel of a farmer and state of losing child, Andy expressed: “In 1991, I have location shooting in Hainan Island for my first film – Boat People, most of the actors or crew members are farmers thus experience several life of farmers and learn from them on the simple life of farmers. Lei Zhekuan had lost his child for 15 years in the film, he had cried till his tears dried up, these sorrow are deep within his heart, but he doesn’t want to give up, thus he encourages himself every day. I used a positive method to act out this character.” Andy exclaimed that he didn’t chat with the families whom lost their child as he does not wish to made them sad, most of the time he depended on watching videos and communicate with social workers in order to work on the mentality of a father who lost his child. He said: “I’m scared that I can’t accept it, thus I kept encouraging myself every day to use a positive method to act.”

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