Andy was “kabe don” in weibo interview

Lost and Love production team of main lead Andy Lau, Boss Wang Zhonglei and film director Peng Sanyuan were guests at Sina weibo interview as they chit chatted with netizens for one hour. This is heavenly king Andy Lau first weibo interview, facing a wave of fans teasing him, instead Andy teased them in return. After being told the meaning of ‘bi dong’ (kabe don), Andy replied: “I’ll try on you when we met next time!!” He even used sweet words to tease fans: “(You already have so much what else you wish to have?) Have all of you!” He also exclaimed: “I like to be your friends more than being a superstar.” Several fans also experience their heavenly king to show off his direct side.

Many knew that Andy is one of the serious actors in showbiz, it’s the same for the shooting of Love and Lost. According to director Peng Sanyuan, Andy brought along files and acid to abuse himself in order to make his image as realistic to a farmer as possible. With regards to whether this image would affect his handsome image, Andy expressed he never took that into consideration.


This being Andy’s first weibo interview, he expressed that he does not know how to use the computer to type Chinese characters, thus he could only use a writing pad, this time round he completely drove the weibo fans crazy. Since it’s a weibo platform, of course Andy need to pass with the cyber speak certificate. The netizen first asked: “Whether the heavenly king knew the meaning of dǎ jiàng yóu (to buy soy sauce)?” Andy replied: “I know that, take From Vegas to Macau II for example, that’s dǎ jiàng yóu!”

With Andy “trying to be cute”, the netizens upped the level by asking: “Then do you know the meaning of ‘bi dong’ (kabe don)?” A puzzled Andy then asked: “I don’t know, what’s that?” The netizens then forwarded him a photo of kabe don and the postures for Andy to pick from, Andy then replied: “So that it is, next time I see you will try it on you!”

Other than that, Andy also care about his fans. When fans asked that he already owned so many things what else he wanted, Andy replied: “I still wanted to own all of you.” These words should have set the fans’ heart racing. Andy also expressed that he would like to be friends with the fans more than be a superstar. Andy also gave tips to the fans telling them: “Drink more water!”

Some fans asked Andy if he had thought of acting in an idol drama, Andy expressed that he far from being an idol, “Had not thought of it, I’m far from it.”

The film Lost and Love is about a father searching for his abducted son for 14 years, he has a dirtied appearance in the film, with regards that it being a sacrifice of his own image, Andy expressed he never thought that into consideration. When acting he never thought of looking handsome, what he was thinking was: “There’s many dismay in this world, we can’t imagine, glad that I’m an actor, I have more responsibilities.”

According to director Peng Sanyuan, in order to be more realistic in his farmer look, everyday Andy would mistreat his hands as he brought along files and acid to abuse himself. When asked why Andy abusing himself, he pointed out: “This film allows me to feel a man’s responsibility, a husband responsibility, a father’s responsibility and society responsibility.”

Andy has the most scenes opposite Boran Jing in the film. With regards to Boran’s performance, Andy said: “Really not bad!” He graded him 80 marks. Director Peng Sanyuan revealed that Boran was nervous when he came for the audition, he drank a bottle of beer before coming for audition.

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