Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall revealed its cast list

Directed by Zhang Yimou, The Great Wall released its final cast list today, other than the earlier confirmed Willem Dafoe, Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Andy Lau and Zhang Hanyu, also included Chinese actress Tian Jing. In addition, Lu Han, Kenny Lin, Chen Xuedong, Eddie Peng, Zheng Kai, Huang Xuan and Karry who is one of the members of TFBOYS will also joined the cast.


The film will be joint distibuted by Legendary Entertainment’s Legendary East and Le Vision Pictures, it would have a US$135 million budget, it would be Zhang Yimou’s most expensive film, it would be his first Hollywood film. The film will start shooting in the summer of 2015, the film will be screened in China during 2016 Chinese New Year holidays and North America scheduled to be screened on 23 November 2016.

It is said that the idea of the film came from Legendary Entertainment’s CEO and World War Z writer Max Brooks, he hoped to create a mystery origins behind the ancient structure – The Great Wall, it will have action and sci-fiction elements in the film. The film – Great Wall would narrates European mercenaries Willem Dafoe came to Song Dynasty to steal the Chinese firepower formula, but accidentally entered the mystery close city of the Great Wall, witness a strong and powerful army and fall in love with a female general. When the human race are facing life danger, Willem Dafoe decided to join forces with the mysterious army to battle the monsters till death.


In January 2015, the production team for The Great Wall had been set up, a person released a photograph of the total number of crew members, but a total of 856 had started work on 30 January, it can be seen that this would be a huge production team. Other than the director, costume, makeup, props, lighting and other services, there are also a VTeam, DIT and special effects team. The film is expected to start shooting in April 2015.

news and photos from: mtime