Andy postponed plans of staging concert: Wish to accompany daughter for another year

According to Hong Kong media reports, in the past Andy Lau would have a solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in every 2 or 3 years but since his 20-nights concerts in 2010, Andy only staged his ALWAYS China concert tour in 2013 but he stopped at 10 shows and last year’s tour was postponed. The fans in Hong Kong had been waiting for a long time but there was no news of Andy booking slots in the Hong Kong Coliseum for his concerts.


Andy personally resolved his postponed concert tour mystery, it’s because he wanted to spend more time to accompany his daughter as he does not wish to miss the growing up period of his daughter. Andy said: “Because staging a concert need to spend a lot of time in planning and rehearsal, after that you need to do concert tour, thus I shall wait till my daughter goes to school, I like to accompany her for another year, this period of time I feel that I shall put more time to my daughter.” He need to spend some time to select the school for his daughter, bring her for interviews, just like a normal father to worry for their child’s education, hoping to find a suitable school for his daughter.

In May this year, his daughter would be 3-years-old but superbly not a single paparazzi had managed to take a photograph of his daughter. Under the public eye, actually Andy did bring his daughter out to friends’ gathering and even shared with his friends his daughter’s photograph but he does not intend to disclose to the public, but his daughter needs to go to school, does he worried that she would becomes the focus in school. This good father said: “I don’t care! I just hope that my daughter can study in school happily.” When talked about his daughter, Andy would stop at the minimum, he said: “Between friends, I’m willing to share the joy of being a father, but during interviews I would not disclose too much, hope everybody can understand.”

During the earlier Chinese New Year gala show, during interview he revealed that he and his wife are vegetarian as during pregnancy his wife is already a vegetarian thus she can be considered as a “pure vegetarian baby”. In this interview, Andy expressed again: “Actually being a vegetarian since birth is the best, if you’ve ate meat and wanted to change to a vegetarian, there will be a transition period as the body needs to adapt. For example vegetable protein is more important than animal protein, it can accept nutrition, in addition to a dietitian looking after your diet, there will be enough nutrition.” Andy’s daughter is so blissful to have a thoughtful father taking care of her.

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