Andy guest at Alan Tam’s concert, tease each other lower body

On 16 February 2015, Alan Tam invited Andy Lau as his special performing guest on his third night concert, both of them had been friends for many years. When Alan introduced Andy onto the stage, he talked about the old days when they were together in Impact Music, in those years Andy was doing very well in films as he had film offers followed one after another but he wanted to develop his singing career, the two bosses sent Alan to advise him, instead it became Andy advising Alan, in the end Andy was so hardworking and it became support of him venturing in films and singing.



Andy quipped that all concert slots were snatched away by Alan resulting him unable to stage concert, because other than his own concerts, Alan also will be staging concerts with The Wynners, Teresa Carpio and Hacken Lee, he even saw Alan staging shows in Malaysia and Singapore. Alan joked: “Because it’s fun, because of singing I’ll only become a 300 pounds fatso.” In between Andy asked Alan: “Your lower body is already very slim!” Alan answered: “Because I seldom use it!” Both of them then burst into laughter. Andy laughed and said: “Seeing me so thin, only now then I became a father!”


Then they duet ‘Ai Zai Shen Qiu’, they played with each other be it on the stage or off the stage, as Michael Miu and wife were among the audience, they called them onto the stage to be dancers. Andy then sang ‘Shui Ke Gai Bian’ which won the applause of the audience.



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