Plain Carol Chinese New Year shopping with company of 7

48 years old Carol Chu had been married to Andy Lau for 5 years and gave birth to a daughter, although being the wife of a heavenly king, but her life still goes as normal as a peasant. Recently she was photographed with 4 family members and friends, 2 bodyguards and 1 driver going out for Chinese New Year shopping. Always being low profile, she did not wore any makeup and was wearing a face mask, nobody seems to be able to recognize her, whereas it was the bodyguards whom was nervous.


According to news reports, Carol has always being simple as she bought drawings of ‘zhao cai jin bao’ (Money and treasures will be plentiful) from a shop, as Andy’s Chinese zodiac being Ox, Carol also bought several CNY and feng shui decorations. After being the woman behind Andy’s for more than 20 years, she still leads an austere life. After buying her stuffs, she also participated in a lucky draw, although she won just a mere HK$100, she was still very delighted of her win.


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