Andy revealed that he would hug his father whenever he goes home

It’s very close to the Year of the Goat Chinese New Year gala show, it will be Andy Lau performing on the stage of the gala show after 10 years absent. On 16 February 2015, Andy was interviewed by CCTV. In the interview, Andy said that he would often tell his parents that he loved them and gave them a hug, after performing in the gala show, he would immediately rushed home to accompany his 2 and a half year old daughter in a reunion.


Throughout the interview, friendly Andy was full of smiles and was accommodating. When asked why he’s singing ‘Hui Jia De Lu’ during the gala show, Andy said that because everybody is busy with work normally, it’s a tough journey back home, he hope that this song can accompany them. He revealed that he expressed his love for his parents by always telling them he love them, although sometimes it’s shy and hard to say out but he will feel blissful, whenever he goes home he would hug his father. The feeling of home will allow one to let go of the outside pressure and remove your disguise in order to enjoy the family warmth. Although he could not spend his time with his family this year but he would rushed home immediately after the gala show to reunion with his daughter.


After such a heart warming video being shown, netizens immediately left comments saying that they’re anticipating Andy’s performance, there’s netizen said: “Andy is one artiste with advantages but hardly find fault in him. Forever my idol!” Another netizen said: “Andy, full of positive, great! I also want to tell my parents I love them and hugged them.”




After the interview, Andy went to the station for final recording of the gala show. Previously, Andy did not participated in any of the rehearsals, it was his first appearance at the rehearsal venue. Andy wore all black and wore hat and scarf, despite being crowded out by crew members, he was still all smiles.


Other than Andy, Karen Mok, Nan Ying, Zhang Fengyi, David Tao and Zhu Yawen were also present for rehearsal. After their rehearsal, they were interviewed by the gala show’s compere Li Jiaming as they said their Chinese New Year greetings to the audience in advance.





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