Andy reminds passenger during the Spring Festival period, “Smooth journey home”

A production of Huayi Brothers Media Group, Beijing Yuanhesheng Entertainment and Focus Film Limited, directed by Peng Sanyuan, heart warming film starring Andy Lau and Boran Jin Lost and Love recently released a community commercial titled “Going Home For Spring” received strong attention as Andy reminded parents to “take good care of their children on their way home” as he wishes everyone a “smooth journey home”.


Andy who is always enthusiastic with community work played Lei Zhekuan who lost his child in Lost and Love is concern of the safety of children during the trip home for Spring, he urged all parents to “hold tight to the hands of their children at all time” preventing them from getting lost. The community commercial made use of the film’s theme song ‘Hui Jia De Lu’ (literally translated as Journey Back Home) as the background music, showing off warmth, the show is also the theme song for 2015 Year of the Goat Chinese New Year gala show which he will also sing it on the show. It is said that the community commercial will be broadcast in 50 airports and 500 train stations for close to one month.

In the 60 seconds community commercial, Andy wore all black and he urged everyone: “The journey back home is the most blissful journey. It will be jam packed, please take good care of your children.” The commercial showed the emotional change of children when their parents got away from their sight, their fear of not finding their parent made one feel sad for them, when they found back their parents, holding onto their small hands as they lie on their parents body.


A series of close up on changes of the children’s face, their emotion is realistic, allowing audience to feel that parents is the most important reliance of children. Andy reminded: “A bit more attention, a bit more safety, at all time hold tight to the child’s small hand, you’re their closest protection.” Andy expressed that he wish to use their heart warming method to remind parent and hope that they can have a “smooth journey home”, because “love waiting for you to return home”.


As he played a farmer father Lei ZheKuan in Lost and Love who is searching for his missing son for 15 years, this allowed Andy to understand the feeling of a parent whom lost their child, thus he paid a lot of attention to this society issue. Coincidentally with this period, Andy chose to use this special prospective and hope that through this community commercial to remind parents to take good care of their children during their trip back home, preventing them from getting lost. Andy’s handsome looks in the commercial is completely different from his look in the film, this made one feel his sincere and love on this matter.

Watch the commercial here

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