Andy’s Taiwan secret trip and will be singing new song in CNY gala show

Recently heavenly king Andy Lau has a busy schedule, other than busy shooting Ding Sheng directed ‘Zui Qiang Dui Shou’ (literally translated as Strongest Competitor), he would also be performing in CCTV Chinese New Year gala show after 10 years absence.


On 2 February 2015, he secretly traveled to Taiwan for work, it had been 6 months since he went to Taiwan. Around 50 loyal fans whom had inside news waited and welcomed him at his hotel. Andy was dressed in black and wore sunglasses, showing off his handsome-ness, he was surrounded after alighting from his vehicle. He received presents and cards as he walked with smiles and wave to his fans. Although the fans kept “touching” him while he walked towards the lift, he still maintained his superstar behavior.


Fans had welcomed news of him would be appearing in the Chinese New Year gala show, the production team had confirmed that Andy would be making a return to the show after 10 years absence, he would be singing a lovely new song titled ‘Hui Jia De Lu’ on the show. The song’s lyrics is written by Andy which has a strong humanity and contains human philosophy. The score is composed by Chen Sihan, the rhythm being heart warming and full of elements of missing home.


In real life, Andy is a family man who focused on his family, he once participated in the production and sang the song ‘Hui Jia Zhen Hao’, the song managed to show off the warmth of a family, for this year’s Chinese New Year gala show’s theme “A peaceful family will prosper”, the song will go along the theme and suitable to be performed on Chinese New Year Eve. Just like what the show’s producer said: “Mr. Andy Lau’s song is in line with the gala show’s theme, the song does not have exaggerated elements, it’s content follows the heart, using the tune to move peoples’ heart.”

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