Lost and Love posters – Andy and Boran like father and son

Directed by Peng Sanyuan and starring Andy Lau and Boran Jing, Lost and Love released a series of “like-father-like-son” characters’ poster, in them, Andy and Boran watched over each other’s shadow, their relationship was close like father and son.


In Lost and Love, Andy is Lei Zhe-kuan, a farmer father searching for his son for 15 years, whereas Boran is a mechanic – Zheng Shuai with sunshine looks but depressed internally. They knew each other when Andy brought his motorcycle to Boran’s workshop for repair, after being told of Lei Zhe-kuan’s experience, Zheng Shuai did not charge Lei any fees and instead joined him to search for his son. The posters displayed the relationship between Andy and Boran’s character, both whom lost their family members, they took care of each other along the way, also fearing of losing each other in their journey, thus they forged a certain father-son relationship.


Although it was Boran’s first collaboration with Andy but he got “family member” treatment from Andy. During shooting, Boran’s leg was burnt by the motorcycle exhaust, other than buying medicine for him, Andy also remind him what to take note and also expressed he got so worried that he could not sleep well.

news and photos from: news.mtime.com, yule.sohu.com