Andy didn’t forget to meet fans at mountainous areas

Recently heavenly king Andy Lau can be considered to be making a grand return, after confirming that he would be performing in 2015 Year of the Goat Chinese New Year gala show, recently he was frequently spotted location shooting in Beijing. A few days ago, reporter managed to take some photographs of Andy location shooting at Beijing’s Pinggu District’s Taohuagu. In between fans followed him to give him presents and cards, Andy also personally pay the visit to the village to chit chat with them.



That day, Andy and the crew members arrived in a deserted mountainous area, winter in the southern area made the mountain looked “bald”, what can be seen were just a few houses. When Andy alighted from a silver color MPV, he was wearing a woolen hat and army jacket, without looking closely one would thought which trenchant looking man, however this trenchant looking man wore pretty trendy under the jacket, purple checked scraf, dark colored line sweater and a tight pants.


An excited Andy was seem surrounded by more than 20 crew members before walking into one of the houses. A moment later he changed to his costume and walked out, accompanying by a bald well-built man, they walked toward the village entrance, wearing his ear muffs and gloves. The reporter discovered that what he was wearing was the same when he was spotted location shooting in Sanlitun, thus he should be shooting for ‘Zui Qiang Dui Shou’ directed by Ding Sheng, his co-stars in this film are Best Actor Liu Ye and Wang Qian Yuan.


Upon reaching the village entrance, some awaiting female fans and Andy began to chit chat and he received presents from them. After bidding goodbye to them, he was seen opening the wrapped present and also opened the letter to trad before returning to the house to continue shooting.

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