TVB 5 Tigers minus Tony Leung to congratulate Michael Miu silver wedding

It was the 25th wedding anniversary of Michael Miu and Jaime Chik, coincidentally 1 January being Jaime’s 53rd birthday, Michael invited his friends for a party to celebrate together. Among the TVB Tigers, Andy Lau, Kent Tong and Felix Wong, minus Tony Leung who was in Beijing thus sent his wife Carina Lau to congratulate Michael. The other guests includes Alan Tam, Cheung Siu-fai, Raymond Lam, Lawrence Ng, Michael Tse, Janet Chow, Angela Tong and Yiu Lok Yee. Michael’s daughter porno izle accompanied them to cut the cake whereas his son is in Canada as he could not rush back to Hong Kong in time.


The silver wedding party was named ‘Miu Kiu husband & Miu Kiu wife’, the venue was decorated with a board with Michael and Jaime in Mr & Mrs. Smith poses. There was also a stage for the guests to porno sing songs for them, Michael also expressed his love promise to his wife, it was so touching as the guests urged Michael to kiss his wife.


For the 5 Tigers group photo, Tony who was absent was replaced by his wife Carina Lau. She posted the photo on her weibo and wrote: Happy 25th Anniversary and Happy Birthday Jamie!


During an outdoor activity, when interviewed Carina explained: “I’m not representing Tony, I knew Micheal. He did sent an invitation to Tony but he was still working in Beijing and unable to return to Hong Kong, he was rather disappointed, initially thought of a gathering of the 5 Tiger as a present to Jamie. I was so touched at the party, they dated for 8 years and wedded for 25 years, they are together for 33 years, such a long time! They also shared a touching saying!” They also talked those days when they porno indir worked together in TVB. The fans saw the photos and brought back memories of the 5 Tigers, they sighed the absent of Tony as they hoped that they could gathered together again.


news and photos from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Hong Kong Daily, Oriental Daily, Macao Daily