Andy to be second time father before staging a concert

12-shows of Touch Mi Sammi Cheng Concert World Tour ended last night, it was also a sold out for the last show. Sammi’s parents and elder sister, Cherie Chung, Joey Yung, Eric Suen with girlfriend Macy Chan, sisters Janice Vidal and Jill Vidal, Antony Leung with his 2 sons all came to show support. Her husband Andy Hui got to his seat when the lights was about to went out for the start of the concert resulting to some commotion, some audience also asked to have photographs with him.


Andy Lau was the finale special performing artist, when Sammi asked him when would he held another concert, unexpectedly he replied: “Wait till I have another child!”


For the final show, Sammi invited her best partner Andy Lau to be the guest, they hugged each other and sang half a song, they also held hands to walked round the stage, Sammi said thanks to him: “Really sorry to bother you whenever I have concerts, so when would be your turn?” Andy’s reply surprised everybody, he said: “Wait till I have another child!” Sammi immediately asked him to work harder, he quipped: “I’m doing it every night!”


Sammi sing praise of Andy being one trustworthy and full of security partner, as during the location shooting of Blind Detective in Yau Tsim Mong District, Andy did his best to protect her from the crowd, she quipped: “Let it this way, hard to find one that is handsome, stop making babies, let’s shoot another film, I think maybe not as scared being scolded by your wife!” Andy then quipped that Sammi had already found her handsome other half, followed by Andy alone singing ‘Ru Guo You Yi Tian’.


During the post concert celebration dinner, Sammi revealed: “Andy is my angel! Just now I just drank water and urge to go to the toilet, lucky it’s his turn, he saved my life.”


photos and news from: Wei Wen Po, Macao Daily, Apple Daily News, Headline Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao