Andy to collaborate with Chris Hemsworth in Hollywood film

Heavenly king Andy Lau had been acting in Chinese films for 32 years but never set step in a Hollywood film. There was a trend of East-West collaboration as Chinese actors were cast in Iron Man 3 and Transformers: Age of Extinction, but Andy does not think so as he expressed that “Hollywood is racist”, he quoted the example of all scenes of Fan Bingbing in Ironman 3 being cut and Wang Zhexue screen time reduce4d to 3 minutes, he said: “Hollywood only wants the Chinese market and show no respect to Chinese actors.” He has no interest in venturing to Hollywood.

However, he would be taking his first step in venturing into Hollywood, the reason being the film director is Zhang Yimou who he last collaborated in House of the Flying Daggers some 10 years ago, he trusted him and even does not want to play any part in the post production editing of the film. The film ‘Chang Chen’ (literally translated as The Great Wall) will be shoot completely in English, it would be set in the 15th century, 2 Western soldiers came to China and discovered that the Great Wall of China was not used to protect against intrusions by various nomadic groups or military incursions by various warlike peoples but to protect against non-human creatures, there would be many magical special effects, it’s expected to have a budget of US$ 135 million. Initially, Matt Damon was the male lead but due to clashes of schedule, Chris Hemsworth replaces him.


Zhang Yimou had already rectified that he had accepted to direct the film, whereas when asked Andy expressed: “This had to check with the film company, I’m not convenience to answer.”

In addition, it was expressed that an earlier film titled ‘Wu Suo Bu Nen’ (literally translated as Nothing Impossible) to be produced by Ann Hui and directed by Stephen Fung, because Andy showing support to the students during the “umbrella revolution”, it’s alleged that the Chinese government does not want to give permit resulting in infinite date start shooting date. From the understanding from the film company by reporters, the real reason is because the company failed to rent a casino for shooting during this festive period thus it will be delayed till 2015.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News