Andy doesn’t mind lower fees to return to TVB if get to collaborate with Law Lan and Lau Kong

TVB Star Awards Malaysia was held in Genting Highlands two nights ago, secret prize presenter Andy Lau presented the Star Achievement Awards to Law Lan and Lau Kong. According to Malaysian newspapers reports, Andy secretly brought along his wife and 2-years-old daughter to the ceremony before making a low profile exit with them after presenting the award.

However, when Andy returned alone to Hong Kong last night, it’s not sure if his wife and daughter remained in Malaysia to visit their relatives.


After the ceremony, Andy was interviewed with Law Lan and Lau Kong by the TVB Entertainment News, Andy said that the organizer initially wanted him to record a congratulation video, but he wished to meet the seniors thus he decided to present the award to them personally.


Lau Kong exclaimed that he was touched till tears when he saw Andy, thinking back his father role in Eagle Hunter, he wanted to meet his son! He said: “When I saw Andy walked out, I felt like crying, seeing him is like a feeling of coming home.” Law Lan was smiling so much as she exclaimed that she was more happier when compared to winning the Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actress. She said: “In the past 20 years, never encountered difficulties to stop laughing, not even when I won Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actress.”


Andy could not forget his collaboration with Law Lan, he had to wait for 6 hours for her Zheng Qian Chi makeup, she only appeared in front of the camera to laugh and spit. Believed that other actors would be agitated for waiting so long, but she did not have any complaints, this allowed him to know this is the morale of an actor. He also added that with these seniors still in showbiz, different people of different generations had different positions, this is what youngsters should learn from. During the ceremony, Andy quipped that he wanted to be in a TV drama in order to fight for TV’s Best Actor, but it depended on money. When interviewed, Andy exclaimed that if it was to collaborate with Law Lan and Lau Kong, he can have a discounted fee, he also promised Lau Kong that he would gave him 8 hours of sleep.

news and photos from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Hong Kong Daily, Headline Daily, Metro News