Andy cameo in new Sammo Hung film

Sammo Hung who directed and starred in Old Soldier (literally translated) had a location shooting on the streets of Vladivostok in Russia, he invited several old friends to cameo in the film. Among them is Andy Lau who cameo as a gangster in the film.


Earlier Andy arrived at the set for the shooting, they are friends for many years, one “Grandpa Hung” and another “Daddy Lau”, they discussed on how to take care of baby during break time.



Andy is a gambling gangster in the film, the scene that they were shooting was about Andy escaping after stealing diamonds by jumping off from the second floor onto the roof of a parked car. Andy expressed that the scene of jumping off the second floor had been completed, they were re-shooting the scene of jumping onto the roof of the parked car, Sammo even demonstrated personally.


Andy has considerably high popularity there as the Russians recognized him and attracted many onlookers. The female fans even went forward during rest time for Andy’s autograph and photographs, which Andy satisfied them by agreeing to their requests.


When asked how long they had not collaborated, Sammo pointed out that it should be 6-7 years ago when they collaborated in Detective Dee when Sammo was the film’s action director. If it was a film directed by him, it would be Millionaires Express some 20 years ago. When asked if they had any private gathering? Sammo expressed that they seldom meet up as Andy is not free and he kept spending time for himself. He said: “The Hong Kong film industry is like that, other than getting together to shoot a film, we seldom gather during our private time.”


When asked if Andy could handle the action scenes, Sammo pointed out that Andy had no problem as the current action scenes are different from the past, in the past one must showed off their stamina, now it’s all about atmosphere and rhythm, there is still difficult actions.

Andy expressed that this film would not be like the old Lucky Stars films, there will be realistic actions in the film. He revealed that he would be staying in Russia for two days, it was not his first visit to Russia as he was in Moscow with Rosamund Kwan for the shooting of a music special during the 90s. When asked that he seldom shoot music special nowadays, he quipped: “Nowhere to broadcast it, the music special would become something like Grandpas over Flowers which bring people around, most of the program had became food shows.”


When asked if Andy would be interested to appear in variety shows like Where Are We Going, Dad?, he quipped: “I’m not prepared! I must asked my father if he ready for it! Hahaha! I’m not sure if my dad is willing to bring me along?” When asked if he would allowed his daughter to appear in front of the camera? He said: “Of course it not good! Let her have some normal lifestyle!” Sammo expressed that he had seen Andy’s daughter in person before, he said: “His daughter keep thinking of me! She has good memory, after seeing me a few times would address me as big brother, good memory.”


In addition, when talked about Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse patching back as a couple, Andy expressed that he just found out as he did not followed the news because he’s in Russia. He asked: “Really? (You feel it dramatic?) Not that, life is like that, most important is to be blissful, I wish them well.” Sammo then added: “Life is like drama and drama is like life!”

news and photos from: Hong Kong Daily, Macao Daily, Metro Daily, Sky Post, Headline Daily, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News