Andy underwent Andox-Box 9-Whys questionnaire

The reporter encounter a funny sight when he paid a site visit to Di Ren Jie shooting site as Andy Lau underwent a Andox-Box 9-Whys questionnaire by the crew members.


Andy’s two sons Andox and Box had grabbed the media attention since they were born, when they entered showbiz, they gained many followers, some of the crew members of Di Ren Jie are fans of them. Everyone had different questions on them, thus during rest time, everyone would have tuition lessons on them.

The crew members came up with all sorts of questions about them, Andy answered all of them. Thus the Andox-Box 9-Whys questionnaire.

1. Why Andy is the mother of Andox and Box?

With regards to this question, Andy had answered many times, but fans still could not understand. Andy once again replied that the idea of Andox came about when he was doing planning for his album A Miracle World. During the location shooting in Gansu for Three Kingdom – Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy spent the whole day to “give birth” to Andox. Andy said that he wanted to experience the feeling of becoming a mother, meanwhile Andox is also the best present for his mother on Mother’s Day.

In addition, Andy thinks that mother is very important to children, thus how could both of them does not have a mother? Thus he decided to called himself their “mother”.

2. Why they are named Andox and Box?

Andox is the suffix for Andy and Ox. Whereas Box is the suffix for Black and Ox. that’s a funny explanation.

3. Why the color of Andox and Box are black and white, such a major difference?

With regards to this question, there are many explanation. One: is they are Andy’s favorite colors; second: black and white represent the upright Taichi teaching, this is what youngster in an area of nor black or white; thirdly: it was said when Box was born, there was a power failure, thus he was colored black, whereas Andox was made from cotton thus white in color. Of the three explanations, Andy did not committed to any of them, but he added another explanation: when he tried to borrow materials from the costume designer, he was given white cloth when making Andox while he was given black cloth when making Box.

Andy seems to be adding more colors into Andox and Box.

4. Why Andox and Box are little ox?

Andy’s Chinese zodiac is Ox, both Andox and Box are gave birth by him, therefore Andy’s sons are little ox. They are Chinese Ox which represent hardworking, kind, brave, willing to excel! Both of them are male! Although Andox’s character is gentle, quiet thus being mistaken as female, actual fact he’s a talented “home-boy”!

5. Why Box being the younger brother is taller than Andox? So what’s their height, weight and vital statistics?

It was said that Box being taller than Andox is the result of Andy. Andy said that when times are good, younger brother and sister will be taller than their elder brother and sister, this is the same case as Box, it’s also because Box is active and loved sports, active babies are stronger. Therefore, Andy specially made Box bigger.

They are 1.9m and 2m respectively, weight is unstable, because of their large diet, their weight will varies. Their vital statistics can be seen with the naked eye, most importantly their career development does not depended on their vital statistics.

6. Why do Box have a lighting symbol on his chest, there’s a sewing mark on Andox’s face?

There’s a lighting symbol on Box’s chest. Look carefully, it’s the logo of Andy, the short form of Andylau in AL. Actually Andox also has this symbol but it’s on his backside.

There’s no special meaning why Andox and Box has sewing marks, this lies in the sewing skill of Andy. Of course everybody understand this is the symbol of a sewing doll, this also make them more 3D!

7. Why the eyes of Andox and Box is a cross and circle?

There are 2 meanings, one symbolize OX! Another meaning is that there is only right or wrong for these new generation kids!

8. Why Andox and Box are so agile?

With regards to this question, Andy decided to keep it a secret, his answer is very official: “Because they are super active and agile Chinese Ox!”

9. Why Andox and Box’s voice are so electronic?

Andy classified this as secret. According to the explanation of Andy, Andox and Box are new breed of living things, thus their voice will be different from human. Everybody had been saying that the voice of Andox and Box are controlled by an electronic control system, thus they sound so alien.

Andy also seize the time to talked about children with the crew members whom are parents themselves. When heard that their children are going for examinations, Andy urge them not to pressurize their children. Being parent, they must be relax themselves thus the children can be relaxed! Meanwhile, Andy also wish all students do well in their upcoming examinations.

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