Andy and Jackie Chan show support for Feng Xiaogang’s movie town in Haikou

Huayi Brothers Media held its 20th anniversary at Mission Hills yesterday in Haikou, Hainan and in the afternoon it was the opening ceremony of a movie town of joint venture between Huayi Brothers Media and film director Feng Xiaogang, it attracted several superstars to show their support which includes Andy Lau, Jackie Chen, Ge You, Zhang Gouli, Huang Xiaoming with girlfriend Angelababy, Miriam Yeung, Feng Shaofeng, An Yixuan, Na Ying, Sun Nan and Doze Niu.


The movie town believed to be an investment of 5.5 billion, it can be used for films’ shooting and Feng Xiaogang described it as a dream came true because when he talked about the idea with the boss of Mission Hills and Huayi Brothers Media two years ago, he did not have the money but the two bosses told him that they would support him. At the opening ceremony, other than the bosses, Andy Lau, Jackie Chen, Li Bingbing, An Yixuan and Mo Zhang were also present at the hand print ceremony.



Huayi Brothers Media held 20th anniversary ceremony was held in the evening, it attracted hundreds of local and overseas reporters and many onlookers who made loud cheers when they saw their idols Jackie and Andy walked down the red carpet. Andy who was supposed to be the last to walk down the red carpet but walked the carpet during the middle of the ceremony as the other guests were late.


Andy expressed that he started collaborating with Huayi Brothers Media with the film World Without Thieves and followed by 5 other films which includes his latest Lost and Lonely. He quipped: “Never expected that people would approached me to be a peasant worker. (Do you have confidence?) Of course!” He added that he was the only non-Huayi Brothers Media artist among the witness ambassadors, the boss Wang Zhonglei exclaimed: “You’re, You’re Wah Zai, we’re friends.”


Meanwhile, An Yixuan managed to meet her idol Andy who took the initiative to shake hands with her, she got excited and request to take a photo with Andy, her face was blushing like a small fan.


An Yixuan said that she followed her auntie in star chasing many years ago, she went to every of Andy’s autograph sessions. After she got into showbiz, despite meeting him several time, but she felt the most agitated this time as other than meeting Andy, she got to meet Jackie Chan and Ge You, Andy even came to shake her hands.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Headline Daily, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Hong Kong Daily, jfdaily,