Lost and Lonely completed shooting

After two and a half months of traveling half of China, Lost and Lonely which is directed by Peng Sanyuan and starring Andy Lau and Boran Jing had completed its shooting in Chengdu on 23 May 2014. According to local actor Tian Donglin, Andy had built a strong relationship with his Chengdu fans. During the 8 days of secret shooting in Chengdu, large number of fans and onlookers were attracted which got into trouble with the bad tempered crew members. When Andy was leaving Chengdu on 25 May, he specially arranged a meetup with his fans. Many fans were crying when biding him goodbye.


“Really got to see Andy Lau, our dream came true!” Andy and the shooting crew of Lost and Lonely moved from Chongqing to Chengdu for location shooting in the remote and city areas, large number of fans followed wherever they go. The reporter managed to interview a fan with the surname Xie who had been following Andy for the past 8 days. The fan told the reporter: “During the shooting, whenever Andy appear, the media and public will rush to take photographs and even got into struggle with crew members, to reward the well behavior of the fans, Andy stayed behind on 25 May to organize a gathering which was held secretly in a hotel. Everybody was delighted, there was no media reporters, just Andy and the fans. Andy told us that he love Chengdu but cause a bit of problem for everyone while shooting here, he also added that everybody should go to support the film when it’s screened in the cinema because many scenes were shot in Chengdu.” She revealed that when Andy was leaving, many fans were crying.

Another fan with surname Zhang revealed: “The atmosphere was high during the gathering. There was one person carrying a placard: “Andy accompanied us, we will accompany Andy to grow old”.


From our understanding, Lost and Lonely being the first film about child abduction, it’s also Andy’s first attempt as a farmer as he kept an unkempt look, moustached and carrying a yellow haversack. Since his image was revealed, he caused surprises and praises of his hardworking status.

Local actor Tian Donglin revealed to reporters, “For the whole film, at least 30 minutes were in Sichuan, can be said that Sichuan played an important part. The story of the film is very touching, Andy being a farmer in the film also managed to say a few words in Sichuan dialect.”


To make it more realistic, the film director invited four local actors to join the cast and act opposite Andy. Donglin said that during the 8 days of shooting, Andy got along well with the actors as he would gave them tips on acting, read scripts together. “When we got nervous, Andy will encourage us to relax. Some times after shooting, he would invite us to his resting vehicle to rest. Andy loved Sichuan food and opera, he even learn mask changing (bian lian) before.” Before leaving, Andy took a photo with the crew members.

news and photos from: ent.sina.com.cn, epochtimes.com, gb.cri.cn