Crew member got into trouble with onlookers, Andy went up to mediate

On 16 May 2014, the location shooting of Lost and Lonely was carried out at Dayi County of Sichuan Province, it was leaked online by a netizen. When the reporter arrived around 2pm, large number of cars were parked there. When reporter alighted to take a look, the crew member told them: “You can see but no photographs.”


When reporter took a photo of the scenery, a crew member rushed forward and requested the reporter to delete the photo. As the shooting location is on a suspension bridge, the reporter initially thought of crossing the river to the other side, but another crew member dashed forward to stop the reporter, “You cannot cross.”, as one female reporter got into commotion with the crew member, those being stopped includes the local villagers. As they did not carry any staff pass, they could not cross the bridge to go back home. Meanwhile another team of reporters on the other side of the bridge was also being chased away by the crew members.


Around 4pm, Andy finally appeared on the suspension bridge. On that day, he had a scene with Boran Jing, Andy was seen wearing a yellow jacket. Boran was also standing on the bridge as they walked past each other, Andy turned back to take a look at him. The whole process took 10 minutes and 3 takes. After completion of the scene, accompanied by several assistants, Andy took his nanny car and left.

Around 9am on 17 May 2014, reporters got another lead from the Internet that Andy was location shooting at Chengdu’s Binjiang Middle Road. When the reporters arrived, the roads were blocked with traffic police maintaining traffic and orderly. Around 10am, the shooting started. It can be seen that the scene is about Andy and Boran chatting when they walked down a road with trees by the side. Suddenly Boran sat down on a bench and Andy squatted beside him to take out a map of China from his haversack to pin-point on the map, it seems that he was telling him where he would be going….


Meanwhile, an incident happen as one crew member quarreled with one female onlooker, the crew member was seen pushing the female to the floor and they got into a struggle. A group of fans who were also watching on the side rushed forward to help carry the female.


Andy who witness everything, carried his haversack and walked towards the crew member to ask what had happened, from his expression, it seems that Andy was scolding the crew member and telling him what he did was wrong. From understanding of other onlookers, that female was looking at her mobile phone but not taking photographs not video but the crew member thought otherwise and went ahead to stop her. They got into a quarrel and the crew member pushed her resulting her to fall down.

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