Female reporter injured while reporting on Lost and Lonely

Since it was reported that Andy Lau was location shooting in Chongqing for his latest film Lost and Lonely, it caught the attention of fans and for the continuity of the reports, reporters from 4 newspapers drove to the bridge in Dongxi Town at Qijiang County, which is the shooting venue. As the shooting crew disallowed media reporting, thus the reporters can only hide in nearby houses to take photographs. Unexpectedly, just after shooting started for a while, the crew managed to discover the 4 reporters and they got into a dispute which resulted one female reporter fall down and injured herself thus need to be sent to the hospital for treatment.

As the shooting crew disallowed media reporting, in order to have the continuity of Andy location shooting in Chongqing, reporters had to communicate and seek understanding with the villagers to allow them to hide in their apartment. Woke up at 5am, the reporters were responsible for their work as they stationed for hours in fear of fans missing the moment that their idol appear, they didn’t dare to go to the toilet.


Although Andy yet appeared, but the reporters were discovered by the crew. A member of the crew rushed up to the apartment and forcefully stopped the reporters from taking any photographs, after being told that the villagers allowed them to stay in the apartment, the crew member than walked away and reporters locked the door. A while later, a few crew members rushed up to the apartment again and made a forceful entry, they scolded vulgarities at the reporters, they scolded: “If you dare to take photographs, I’ll snatched your camera,” one of the reporters tried to resist and they got into a fight. Meanwhile, the police appeared to stop the fight. The reporter exclaimed that after showing off their passes, the crew member person-in-charge still does not give way and asked one person to keep a “look out” and instructed that if they take any photographs, snatch the camera to delete the photo.


According to the reporter, 3 male reporters were later escorted out of the apartment with only one female reporter remaining seek the chance to hide into another apartment after seeking the owner’s permission. With the help of the owner, she managed to find a good spot, unexpectedly, she was discovered by the crew again, one member rushed up to the apartment. To protect the camera and the photographs that she took, the female reporter took a turn and prepared to run away, but she tripped and fall down, her left ankle got injured and blood was oozing out, she immediately handed over her camera to the apartment owner for safe keeping. The crew members rushed up and upon seeing the seriousness of the injury, she was carried downstairs. Despite the female reporter’s ankle kept bleeding, one of the crew member kept asking: “Where is your camera? Did you took any photographs?”

The female reporter was sent to the hospital for treatment. She later found out that her camera was being recovered by the crew members and the photographs got deleted. Luckily she still got copies of the photographs that she took earlier because she switched camera. When one of the local producer was approached with regards to this matter, he took reporters that he was not present at that time and only heard about the matter from the crew members, with regards to other information, he expressed that he would not talk about it.

It was found that several crew members had bad attitude. According to the one of the villagers, one of the members requested his help to recruit 100 extras for a mass motorcycle scene, some of them wanted to see Andy Lau rushed all the way down from Guangzhou and Guizhou. On 9 May, that crew member even confirmed that they would be used for the scene. On 10 May, he was told by that crew member that he found another group of cameo extras and his mobile phone was off. That villager exclaimed: “Those whom rushed back had to spend $3000, but money is not an issue here, it’s trust, I’m not sure how to face them again.”

Other than complaints from the extras, reporters also found out complaints from a fan who was also in the apartment of the female report incident, she witnessed the whole incident. With regards to the matter, she exclaimed that they were “too much”. When told that the reporter’s photographs were deleted, the fan think that it’s unfair, thus she will provide the photographs she took to the media. When talked about her idol, she expressed that Andy was all smiles when he saw the reporters and fans. She revealed that she managed to get into the shooting site to shake the hands of Andy.


Around 6am, Andy set off and arrived around 8am for the shoot. When reporters arrived, he had completed his makeup and alighted from his nanny car. The scene is about Andy accompanying Boran Jing back to his village. More than 20 extras gathered at the bridge, they pulled out a welcome back banner. The reporter observed that there was not much difference in the makeup of Andy, still the unkempt tanned face, gray suit and carrying a yellow paper bag.


Andy’s role in this scene was not important as he mainly stand in front of a van looking at Boran walking in front of him. He seems to be in good mood as during rest time he would waved at the extras, chat and joked with the crew members. Not known if he’s too happy or to maintain an active environment, after every scene completed, he would dance for a while to the delight of the onlookers.


When compared to the easy task of Andy, Boran seems a bit tired. Reporter noticed Boran who was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans seems to limps when he walked. It was heard that when shooting an earlier scene, his leg got injured by the exhaust of a motorcycle. When shooting got underway, Boran began to walk slowly which did not show that he was injured. However due to certain circumstances, the scene was finally completed after 7 takes, when the director shouted a good take, Boran’s assistant immediately helped the limping Boran to rest.

news and photos from: yule.sohu.com, gb.cri.cn, xinhuanet, roll.sohu.com, Apple Daily News