Andy personally made cake for his daughter’s 2nd birthday

It’s Andy Lau’s daughter Hanna’s 2nd birthday, he specially jetted home from Chongqing for his daughter’s birthday party, he also specially made a birthday cake for his daughter. On his website, Andy posted photographs of him sprinkling chocolate chips onto the sponge cake, putting in candles of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and “2”. Andy expressed that he made the decision out of the sudden, he also wanted to add the fans’ blessing onto the cake, looking at how concentrated he was, it was like him building up a house.

Andy had been a father for two years, time really flies, he wrote: “Two years past so fast, but it’s very fruitful, Happy Birthday! My daughter loved the cake that I made for her on behalf of all of you, she said thank you to all of you….”


Due to work, Andy could not spend Mother’s Day with his wife and mother, thus he wishes all mother a happy Mother’s Day! Other than the birthday cake made by his father, Hanna also had two 3D cake, he also showed off the presents that his daughter received.

news and photos from: Ming Pao