Unkempt peasant labourer Andy lacks artist charisma

Directed by Peng San Yuan and starring Andy Lau and Boran Jing, Lost and Lonely is currently location shooting in Chongqing. Andy dressed up as a peasant laborer and appeared at Yuzhong District of Chongqing City Qixinggang for shooting. As the road was not closed, several cars and pedestrians were driving and walking around respectively. If you’re not die-hard Andy Lau fans, you can easily walked past him without noticing him, because he was wearing the gray peasant labourer jacket, tanned and thin who is completely different from how he normally looked, as one on-looker wondered: “He looked different from TV, is he the real McCoy?”



Around 9 in the morning, the reporter rushed to the Yuzhong District Qixinggang area, 3-4 security staffs carrying walkie-talkie and wearing earphones can be found on every walkway, there were at least 20 vans parked along the road. When the reporter tried to search for the nanny car that Andy took on the day of arrival, a crew member walked towards and the reporter asked with an identity of a fan, the crew member replied that he knew nothing, however he spoke on the phone: “”Andy is still on the car.”

After a few minutes, a silver Benz drove towards the direction of a kindergarten several meters away. The reporter immediately dashed there and immediately spotted Boran Jing who was wearing a reflective green vest and jeans, the security then dashed toward the reporter to stop him, then the reporter suddenly noticed that the passenger on the motorcycle that Boran was riding was the moustached peasant laborer looked Andy.



Around 945am, the first scene that Andy shot in Chongqing is at an alley between a food store and dry-clean store, a red hair female riding a motorcycle rode past with the motorcycle that Boran rode and Andy sitting behind followed, there are three flags behind the motorcycle. They rode for around 50 meters before they alight from their motorcycle and walked towards the staircase.




As there were security closing the road, thus the reporter could only climb onto the platform from far to take photographs. The 3 of them walked up the staircase with Andy at the back, in between they didn’t talked to each other.




The reporter than got a leak that Andy would be shooting another scene in a nearby primary school some 1000 meters away. When the reporter reached the venue, the crew members were clearing the site, after waiting for 30 minutes, only can see Andy and Boran sat on the same motorcycle, they removed their jacket and clenching it. This shooting was even shorter, many onlookers were unsure of what they had saw.


The reporter than went around to understand from the residents, they said that suddenly there was many security members, then they knew that they will be shooting a film but was not told who will be the actors. Until Andy was seems riding on a motorcycle, then an auntie said: “Completely different from what I saw from TV, is he Andy Lau?” When confirmed that it’s him, another sighed: “In real life, artist is not handsome, so tanned and thin.”



news and photos from cqnews.net, Mtime