Andy arrived in Chongqing for location shooting of Lost and Lonely

Around evening yesterday (29 April 2014), Andy Lau who was carrying a haversack, wearing a face mask appeared at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, it was said that he’s there for the location shooting of his latest film Lost and Lonely. As the filming team had did their job on keeping this trip a secret, only small number of media reporters and fans whom got the leaked news managed to rush to the airport. It was understood that Andy took his flight from Hong Kong to Chongqing, the flight was initially scheduled to arrived at 1605 hours but it was delayed for 30 minutes before being allowed to land.


Around 1640 hours, the arrival gathered 30-40 fans as they orderly at each sides of the passageway, they were armed with digital cameras and mobile phones waiting for the arrival of their idol. This confirmed that Andy would not be taking the VIP passage. Some 10 minutes later, around 1704 hours, Andy was spotted walking out toward the custom check. Despite the hot weather in Chongqing, but Andy kept himself “wrapped”, wearing a red baseball cap, gray windbreaker, black pants and sports shoes. He was carrying a haversack and wearing a face mask, without looking clearly you would not know that it’s him.


When clearing the custom, he followed regulations by removing his face mask, this swiftly caught the attention of the airport staffs, fellow passengers and those who came to pick up their friends. Maybe due to long periods of shooting Lost and Lonely, Andy looked more tanned and slimmed down.



Crew members and two bodyguards were walking beside him, the fans maintained orderly and did not create any chaos. Andy behaved as if he met his old friends by smiling and waved to the fans, he looked spirited. When receiving flowers from fans, he even said “thank you”.



As the nanny car was not parked at the front door of the airport, Andy need to cross a road before reaching the car park opposite the airport terminal, the long awaited fans followed him. Upon seeing a car driving towards them, Andy took care to remind them to look after their own safety.






Later, Andy boarded the gray Mercedes Benz nanny car, he waved farewell through the car window. Andy was friendly and low profile throughout the process.


Another group of reporters followed the news leaked by netizens and arrived at the Sheraton Chongqing Hotel on Nan Bin Road around 1757 hours, the Benz that Andy was in was parked at the main door of the hotel, the driver who was in the driver rest room, when interviewed he replied in Mandarin but refused to revealed any details. The hotel’s security guards and hall manager exclaimed that they did not know that Andy stayed in the hotel.


It is said that Andy would be location shooting in the city area, followed by 6 days of shooting at Qijiang River. The shooting will be carried out from 29 April to 13 May, there will be shooting arranged everyday, no rest days, even on Labor Day.

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