Andy’s “less 3 4 more” aids his battle with animals

Andy Lau nicknamed “king of animals”, of his 32 years in showbiz he had collaborated with countless animals which includes cat, dog, horse, rabbit, pigeon, lion, penguin, panda, giraffe, he even collaborated with yak and killer whale. Earlier he was in Hong Kong shooting a new beverage commercial and this time he would be collaborating with one fierce tiger and eagle, however the 52 years old father did not have to do it together with them as this time round the production team decided to use computer effects to avoid any danger.


For safety purposes, the images of the tiger and eagle were location filmed in Thailand, Andy only need to shoot in a studio with green walls, after computer processing, it will show Andy racing, running and jumping with the animals. Andy has affinity with animals, since his first drama serial – The Emissary, his trademark is his “eagle nose”.


In the studio, Andy who was wearing a western suit but he still managed to run away and jumped on spring, so how does he keep fit despite his busy work schedule. Andy’s assistant revealed that his secret is his diet of “less 3 4 more”, the 3 less would be less oil, salt and sugar, the 4 more would be more exercise, drink water, rest and smile, just maintain a plain diet and do more exercise, being happy, everybody can be as fit as Andy.


The director of the commercial wanted to express the different level of richness in the green tea, thus chosen to express it with speed as he required Andy to do a 50m dash in the studio for more than 10 times, and also requested him to jump on spring bed to create an effect of movement. When comparing to collaborating with pretty female costars, this can be said to be more tough and a hellish shooting.


news translated and photos from: Apple Daily News, Liberty Times, Skypost, AM730, Headline Daily, Hong Kong Daily