Andy and Boran Jing to search for “family members” together

A Huayi Brothers Media Corporation production, starring Andy Lau and directed by well known TV scriptwriter and producer Peng Sanyuan, Lost and Lonely had started shooting at Fujian Quanzhou. It is said that Boran Jing had joined the shooting on the second day and he would have many scenes opposite Andy.

Being the first Chinese film about child abduction, based and adapted from real society news, it will realistically show the serious damage on personal, family and society of child abduction, it will be location shooting in 15 places among 5 provinces, even shooting in the mountainous villages. The topic of the film had attracted the attention of netizens and media, since the shooting had started, the film had caught the attention of netizens as it became the hottest topic on Weibo.


Being his first film, being a well known TV scriptwriter and producer, he had his own methods on how to present his story. Meanwhile, acclaimed Taiwanese cinematographer Mark Lee Ping Bin was also spotted at the set as he will be the cinematographer for the film. Mark Lee is the favorite cinematographer of Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Ann Hui, Wong Kar-wai and many other acclaimed film directors, he’s a 5-time winner of the Golden Horse Film Awards Best Cinematographer award, with him handling the camera, Lost and Lonely got upgraded again.


On the second day of shooting, Boran Jing officially joined the cast, this is the second cast to be revealed for Lost and Lonely. It is said that Boran Jing would have many scenes opposite Andy and it’s also his first collaboration with Andy.

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