Farmer Andy searching for his son in Quanzhou

For the shooting of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation production – Lost and Lonely in which Andy Lau will act as a farmer, for realistically Andy started to lose weight for the role. Earlier he had arrived in Quanzhou to start shooting for the film. When his farmer-look image being revealed, many netizens believed that they are looking at Andy Lau. The film narrates Andy’s son was abducted thus starting a 10 years search for his son, Tang Wei will be the female lead of the film.


Andy will be location shooting in Quanzhou for five days, it’s said that people gathered as onlookers when shooting in the streets, some fans heard of the news and rushed there resulting traffic jams. Due to the chaotic situation and heavy rain, the idol-chasing fans went home disappointed as Andy did not appear, but someone managed to take photographs of a body double of similar built as Andy.


There was another person who managed to photograph the “real” Andy near Taipeng Tunnels, covered in dirt, appearing as a motorcycle taxi rider. Many netizens saw the photographs dare not believed that he’s Andy Lau but sing praise that he’s the most handsome farmer.


news and photographs from: Ming Pao, Headline Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Apple Daily News.