Andy guest at Paula Tsui concert

Paula Tsui 8-nights concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum came to an end, at the final night many celebrities went to support her which includes Ling Bo, Liza Wong, Angie Chiu and husband Melvin Wong, Cheung Man Yee and William Tang.


For the last night, Andy Lau was invited to be the performing guest who exclaimed that he does not dare to step on the hem of Paula’s dress as she quipped that his posture looked like he’s going to the toilet. When Paula introduced Andy onto the stage, Andy sang praise that she remained pretty for so many years, she then replied: “I’m always very stubborn, I must remained pretty.”


When Paula was the performing guest of Andy’s concert, he exclaimed that he had a different identity as he transformed from a boy to male then to a father. Paula then reminded him to take good care of the woman beside him, Andy quipped: “I not only treat them well, I would treat both of you very well.” These words won cheers and applause from the audience. He also exclaimed that he’s currently blissful.


When they duet ‘Yi Qi Zou Guo De Ri Zi’, Paula mischievously changed the lyrics before quipping that she hoped that she could maintained her look and lend her fish tail dress for Andy to wear. Andy quipped that he could not wear it as he would be a farmer in his new film, he need to lose weight. Paula then quipped that Andy does not wear socks when wearing shoes: “No wonder you dressed until like this.”


Paula then cracked jokes about the 3/4 jeans, “I thought you’re saving up till you need to wear 3/4 jeans!” Andy immediately explains: “No, this is fashion trend.” The audience burst into laughter.


During the post concert celebration, Paula expressed that she hoped to have a Part 2 for her concert, she then request the organizer to reduce the ticket priced at $680 to $600 because she wanted more fans to be able to listen to her sing, she hoped to announce the good news of her Part2 concert to fans as soon as possible.

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