Andy to be in 15 years journey searching for his son in new film

A Huayi Brothers Media Corporation production, ‘Shi Gu’ (literally translated as Lost and Lonely) the first Chinese film that focus on child abduction, recently details about the film has been revealed as it would be written and directed by well known TV scriptwriter and producer Peng San Yuan, it would be his first long feature film, Andy Lau will be the male lead. It is said that the film would start shooting in March, more well-known actors will be joining the cast.

The film is adapted from real society news, it narrates a certain day in 1998, two-years-old Lei Da went missing, his father Lei Ze Kuan (Andy) began his 14 years search for his son. The film will have location shooting in four different province in order to present the tough and realistic search, one of the shooting location would be at the Southwest mountain area village of poor condition, it’s expected to be a hard to come by sincere production.


Lei Ze Kuan, a father suffering 14 years of hardship while searching for his abducted son. This character is depressed but remained cool, stubborn and kind, he’s one character in a complicated mental state. One thing to note, this is the first time Andy attempts as a Mainland China mountain area poor father, it can be considered as a breakthrough. It is heard that Andy was very touched after reading the script, in addition to him actively participating in charity works, with regards to this combat child-trafficking/abduction film, he agreed immediately.

Film director Peng Sanyuan expressed that the Lei Ze Kuan character was tailor made for Andy, “Wanted Andy Lau to be the male lead for this film, we decided on this when we have a draft of the story, when the story forms up, we have no objections. Never thought of any other suitable candidate, he’s irreplaceable in this film.”

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