Sandra Ng used Chief Executive Lau in CNY films battle

This year, there will be a huge selection films for the Chinese New Year holidays, Hong Kong films would includes Golden ChickenS (Golden Chicken sss) in which Sandra Ng invited many actors to cameo, Donnie Yen and Aaron Kowk’s The Monkey King and Raymond Wong’s Hello Babies, a three way battle.

In Golden ChickenS, it gathered 18 actors to cameo which includes Nick Cheung, Tony Leung Kar Fai, Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Shawn Yue, Anthony Wong, Chapman To, Edison Chen, Eason Chan, Alex Toh, Ronald Cheng, William So, Dayo Wong, Cheung Siu Fai, Chin Ka-lok, Lo Hoi-pang and others.


Actually Sandra has a secret weapon which is Andy Lau who was the year 2046 Chief Executive in the last Golden Chicken films, there was no scene with Chief Executive Lau during the premiere, it was revealed only the advance screening days later. It’s like Sandra having two different films screened at the same time.


Sandra exclaimed that when Andy knew she will be shooting another Golden Chicken film, he expressed that he must participate in the project, the scene was about Andy being elected as Chief Executive meeting up old friend Kam for a foot massage to ease his tiredness. After watching the premiere, Sandra said that the audience felt that they felt lost without Andy: “Andy is too classic in episode 1 and 2, this time’s performance will be a surprise, don’t miss it! Andy is really a good friend, he kept asking me how is it? Actually Andy is like a kind of spirit, his appearance cannot be described with words.”


Andy said: “Living with Golden Chicken for around 10 years, a character cannot be missed, feel the importance of the film. The film is a kind of continuity, the Golden Chicken character must grow in different environment, everybody is talking about the Hong Kong spirit, actually Golden Chicken is one of the important element.”

news and photos from: Apple Daily News,, Liberty Times, China Times