Island of Greed court case dragged 16 years, Andy need to compensate NT$2.67 million

In 1997, Andy Lau was in Taiwan for location shooting for Island of Greed, there was a scene which he jumped off a helicopter, unfortunately he accidentally kicked the control knob resulting the helicopter to turn sideways and damaging the propeller blade. Daily Air Corporation which rented the helicopter to the film company seek compensation, after 16 years and 4 times in court, the Supreme Court verdict yesterday that Andy need to pay 40% accounting to NT$2.67 million.


Andy’s Taiwan management company expressed that the matter would be handled by the film company, then the film company was Win’s Movie Productions now changed name to ChinaStar, the lady boss Tiffany Chen said: “So disappointed and it’s unreasonable, the helicopter and the driver were arranged by the company, the film company is responsible when there is an accident, it’s unreasonable to seek compensation from Andy. Would not allow Andy to pay any cent, he’s just an actor. Although we can no longer appeal but will seek other methods to fight to the end and seek justice, believed there’s rightful law in Taiwan.”

The CEO of Daily Air Corporation expressed: “Actually we considered as lost, the lawsuit last for more than 10 years, the final verdict required us to be responsible for 60% and they 40%, we can do nothing, let it end this way.”


In addition, Andy would be collaborating in a new film with Tang Wei, there was news that the production team was looking for 15-20 years old newbies who looked similar to Andy. Andy’s Taiwan management company expressed that Andy had accepted to be cast in the film but unsure of other details.

news from:, Apple Daily News

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