Andy promoted to be golden executive producer with Firestorm

Andy Lau promoted to become golden executive producer as after good box office taking in Mainland China and Hong Kong for Firestorm, when the film opened in Taiwan’s cinema during New Year Eve, it became the box office champion in Taipei as it managed to collect NT$15 million after 2 days of screening in Taiwan, thus becoming the best Hong Kong police thriller in recent years.

Firestorm managed to broke the opening day record of another Hong Kong police thriller – Cold War as it managed to collect NT$5 million when compared to NT$3.8 million of the former to became the box office champion among new films in Taipei, it showed that Andy’s film made no differences in different countries as his charisma sweep three countries to became the box office champion of Hong Kong films.


Firestorm also stirred up audience into discussion, other than the exciting gun battles, the “innocent little girl” was a hot discussion in the Internet, the scenes related to the little girl made Firestorm a restriction rated film in Taiwan, the film director didn’t film realistically, no bloodshed, but things happened depressed people, the audience sang praise of Andy’s scenes with the little girl.


The little girl’s father in the film is Jiang Haowen, his scenes with the little girl made people cried, the Autism girl is child actress Jacqueline Chan who only made used of body language and screaming to express her emotion, she displayed mature acting which also won praises from Andy.


news and photos from:, Apple Daily News, Liberty Times