Andy delighted his daughter able to address him

It had been 5 years since Andy Lau held a concert in Taiwan, two nights of ALways World Tour 2013 came to an end at Taipei Arena two nights ago. He said at the end of the concert: “I really found the feeling of home here, thanks for giving me your love.” At the end of his second encore, he came out and said: “I’m not prepared to sing, just came out to say thanks to everybody.” He let out a giggle and quipped: “It almost became my last show,” before he sang ‘Shi Jie Di Yi Deng’.


After singing, he lie flat on the floor and shouted: “No more strength, I’m old, cannot make it already.” After running around the 4-sided stage, got close to the audience on the hanging platform, he said: “Rather disappointed as I’m unable to count down with all of you, all of you must be blissful, same as me, must think of me for the days that I’m not around you.”


After the concert, Andy would be taking a 7 weeks break. As he knew that everybody is concern whether his wife is pregnant, he said: “I think she should be under huge pressure. I’m working hard, if I’m successful, would inform you 3 months later.” During his fan gathering earlier, he said that he would reveal his daughter’s photo when she’s 2 years old, with the deadline 6 months away, Andy joked: “I said that in my fan gathering, and not saying to you (media), I didn’t blame you for hiding within my fan club!”


Actually Andy had mentally prepared that his daughter would be exposed anytime, but he still maintain to reveal her photo after she’s 2 years old, he exclaimed: “Please don’t boo, I’m already very accommodating.” He also revealed that his daughter had started to called him ‘daddy”.


As Firestorm is currently being screened in Taiwan’s cinema, he hoped that the film would do well in the box office. He sang praise of the good scripts from Taiwan as he hope to invest in Taiwanese films, he quipped: “Not sure which day I would be accompanying Lee Ang to the Oscars, this had always being my dream.”


news and photos from: China Times, Liberty Times