Firestorm collected 250 million within 10 days in China

Andy Lau, Gordon Lam and Yao Chen attended the Firestorm celebration announcement press conference in Beijing, it was to celebrate the film which managed to collect 250 million renminbi in box office takings after 10 days of screening, it also broke 4 records of police thriller. Andy hoped that the film would go on to earn 300 million renminbi, becoming a 300 million Andy Lau film!


Being the special identity of executive producer, producer and actor in Firestorm, together with fellow executive producer William Kong, director Alan Yuen and many of the cast which includes Yao Chen and Gordon Lam attended the celebration announcement press conference in Beijing, announcing the film collected 3,315 reminbi on its first day of screening, 171 million after one week of screening thus becoming the Chinese police thriller film with the highest and fastest to reach millions in box office taking, in just 6 days of screening it managed to collect 200 million renminbi, breaking the 250 million renminbi mark within a mere 10 days, breaking the record previously held by Cold War, it’s 4 good news. The compere referred the film as the most enjoyable and most cool film among the new year holiday.


To celebrate the new records and hope that the film would continue to obtain better results, the entourage broke a 250,000,000 ice sculpture. A delighted Alan Yuen hope that this storm could carry on past Christmas and into next year. With regards to the box office takings, a delighted Andy expressed: “This showed that we have our return for all the hard work. The film’s stunts are the most dangerous among my previous films, you would cry when you see a tough film but would laugh when see a box office hit.”


Andy was praised to be “well up in both literary and military arts” in the film as he performed numerous dangerous stunts in the film, Andy made use of 3 “extremes” to reply: “Using extreme dangerous action scenes, accommodating extreme cohesive acting scenes, acted out an extreme exciting character. Working so hard towards one aim, that is the box office taking exceeding 300 million!”


When the reporters asked if the film managed to exceed 300 million, how he’s going to repay the audience. Andy looked at Gordon and said: “I’ve lots of chances, you say, what you would do if it exceed 300 million?” Gordon quipped: “I can do whatever you asked me to do, maybe we can have a sequel.”


When asked about Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2013 which will open in cinemas in two days, would Firestorm be affected? Andy expressed that both films do well is the best as they need to be united, both films to get 500-600 million would be the best results, hope the media could write good things about Police Story 2013 and not hide things about it.

news and photos from: Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sina