Firestorm box office earnings stolen in Mainland China

It seems that there is another incident of box office earnings stealing in Mainland China, this time round it happened to Firestorm starring Andy Lau and Gordon Lam.


A netizen who went to watch Firestorm in a Xinjiang cinema, however the film title on the ticket was instead Feng Xiaogang directed Personal Tailor, a pen was used to change the details on the ticket. The netizen said: “Box office earnings of Firestorm stolen! Today went to watch the film for the second time, after buying the ticket then found out that it’s ticket for Personal Tailor! Then it was hand written to change to Firestorm! Steal box office earnings in broad daylight! Disgusted! Of course it doesn’t happen in this cinema only throughout the country! Andy fans, let’s stand up together!”

Mainland China reporter called to rectify with that cinema and the assistant manager expressed that the ticket was issued as per the request of the audience, he said: “Whichever film he wanted to watch we would issue the ticket, it’s impossible of using handwriting correction.” So does it meant that the netizen corrected the ticket on his own?

On the International Andy World Club weibo, there were unfriendly postings, “Personal Tailor you just opened in the cinema then you started stealing box office earnings from Firestorm, how long you intend to do so?” Some fans commented: “Shameless!”


Meanwhile, the Taiwan film censorship board decided to pass the film without any cuts but classify Firestorm as a restricted film because of the gun battles and a scene of a little girl got killed, this is the first restricted film of Andy in Taiwan since The Island of Greed 16 years ago. Firestorm was screened in Hong Kong classified as 2B (suitable for age 16 years old and above) whereas not classified in Mainland China. The film distributor was wondering why Taiwan was more strict than China?

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao,