Andy pin-point Gordon to be male lead

Earlier Andy Lau kept promoting his new film Firestorm in Mainland China, the 52 years old exclaimed that people once asked him to retire but then he still felt that he’s still popular and fans supporting him.

Andy also expressed that even people addressed him Uncle Hua, he would still feel that he’s Hua Zai, of course he still has complaints of his work, for example lack of sleep which result him in poor condition, people laughed at him: “Sigh, an idol looked like this.” However, he had never thought of retiring.


In addition, Andy and Gordon Lam was interviewed by i-CABLE’s Movie Montage. Andy felt that Gordon need to be given a chance thus when approached for Firestorm, Andy pointed out that his condition is that he wanted Gordon to be cast as the other male lead before he agreed to the offer, Andy exclaimed: “He (Gordon) must become the male lead once before he understand, if not he would always be hanging around and lower his own expectation.”

Andy who wanted to promote Gordon but quipped that at times he felt that he had a “failure to make good” feeling with Gordon, he said: “Before Nick Cheung show off his muscles, I had earlier asked him to train hard, but attain V-line abs, unexpected Nick has already been showing off for so long and he yet reached half of Nick’s standard.”

He proud of his film company success investment in producing Crazy Stone and A Simple Life, because he felt that he did OK as a boss, however when received the bad critics of Switch, he does not know if he regret accepting the film, he just gave a simple answer: “This is my fate.”

news and photos: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Pao