Firestorm promotion in Taiwan

Andy Lau brought Gordon Lam to Taiwan to promote their film Firestorm, he seems to be on a good mood, during the premiere when asked to be hugged, he allowed Gordon to hug him for the whole of 2 seconds. When shooting the fighting scenes, they had an agreement of “not hitting each other face”, he warn Gordon if he “hit him once $5 would be deducted”. Maybe recently he was also being asked about the allegation of his wife pregnant, Andy took the initiative to deny that his wife is not pregnant. When asked of his plans, 52 years old Andy said: “This is affinity, everybody should already know our age.” It seems that he’s hinting to the media not to give them pressure.


Being the executive producer, producer and male lead of Firestorm, Andy gave his friend of 12 years Gordon a chance to be a male lead, he gave him lots of screen time, allow him to talk more, have love relationship with Yao Chen and sing for her. Gordon then revealed that he never sang for a woman, Andy then quipped: “He normally sing for man!” Gordon got nervous and deny immediately.


Both of them had collaborated in 11 films, finally they got to fight each other, when asked if he’s pressurize fighting the boss, Gordon quipped: “If I don’t hit him, he would scold me!” Andy then added: “You can’t hot my face, I need to maintain till 80 years old.” He joked that he “beautify” the film. There was a scene where Andy hiding from an explosion in a car, it was dangerous scene and the production crew told him: “This scene represent your heart for the film!” Andy quipped: “I’m like god, I can only say: “OK, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!””

As executive producer, Andy had to follow Edko Film Limited boss William Kong to discuss about distribution rights with other companies, “William asked me to follow him to learn, what happens if I’m alone? After I went then I know, so need to eat accompany them in meals, so uneasy sitting there looking left and right, I don’t know how to chat, everybody was drinking red wine which I don’t drink.”


Those who had worked with Andy all remarked that he has a good temper, what’s his thought for been a nice guy for 30 years? He said: “If I acted out to be a nice guy, it will be tough for me, if I’m really that good, then it won’t be tough.” He quoted an example: “If I take vegetarian today, and you force me to eat meat, if I accompany you, I will feel terrible, but I love to eat meat, then it doesn’t matter.” Andy said that he would lose his temper too, “I’m a real person, I’ll lose temper more often in the company or my home.” He lost his temper once during the shooting of Switch, “5-6 lighting crew members were playing their mobile phones, I scolded them: “What are you doing! Why did not keep the equipments? Keep your mobile phones!” If you ask them, they won’t be telling you that I’m a nice guy.”

His exaggerating in Blind Detective did not get him nominated for the Golden Horse Film Awards, Andy exclaimed: “Whether I got nominated, I don’t own anything for my acting as I did my best every time.”


During the premiere, Andy and Gordon hugged each other, initially Andy had some reservation, unexpectedly Gordon went ahead to hug Andy and refused to let go for 2 seconds, on seeing the situation, the fans shouted: “Kiss him, kiss him!” Andy stared back at them.


Taiwanese band MayDay specially came to present 3D glasses and show support for Andy as he had previously recorded a video during their concert.


Due to the realistic gun battle scenes in Firestorm and a scene where a woman got killed, the censorship board in Taiwan classified it as restricted film, currently they are appealing. Andy was asked if he considered shooting a film suitable for the whole family, he quipped: “Of course, comedies are very important.” He revealed that he always wanted to collaborate with Nick Cheung in a classic Hong Kong comedy, “Who said can’t make another Saint of Gamblers, let’s do it again, the world needs entertainment.”

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, China Times, Liberty Times,