Andy won’t become Jacqueline Chan’s god daughter

3D police thriller Firestorm held its premiere two nights ago, Andy Lau, Gordon Lam, Yao Chen, Ray Lui and Jacqueline Chan attended.


Gordon exclaimed that Yao Chen was his first on-screen girlfriend, Yao Chen quipped: “In the film Gordon is a very good boyfriend, wild but still passionate.” Andy then added: “Are you guys in a comedy?” When asked if there was a bed scene, Gordon exclaimed: “Initially there was, but it was cut away. (Disappointed?) The audience should be the one disappointed.”


Being the executive producer and male lead, Andy showed a lot of care and concern to Jacqueline as there was a lot of action scenes, thus he need to give the child actress some counselling, he said: “As the executive producer, I’m responsible to the surrounding and calm everybody down.” When asked if he would take Jacqueline as his god daughter, he said: “Won’t be her god father! (Become her god brother?) What happens if her elder brother is older than me.”


With regards to the fierce competition with The White Storm, Andy expressed: “Hope the good market will maintain, every film has its own box office taking in Mainland China.” When talked about Firestorm collected more than 120 million in China, Andy exclaimed that he’s very happy as the boss can earn a lot of money.


news and photos from: Headline Daily, Skypost, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News