Andy admit daughter brought him good luck

Firestorm which open in Hong Kong cinemas on 19 December 2013 held its promotional activity at Tsuen Wan yesterday. Producer, executive producer and male lead Andy Lau leaded a group of actors which includes Gordon Lam, Benny Wong, Philip Keung, Michael Tong and Vinz Sze, they attracted many fans to support them. They played games with the audience as they took up props guns to pose.


The film had been doing well in terms of box office taking in Mainland China, within 3 days managed to collect 125 million, when asked if he’s riding on the luck of his daughter, he said: “Yes! Hope it will continue. (Is your wife pregnant again?) Nope! Really not pregnant, I also want it, so nervous. (You must work hard!) I’m always a hardworking person.”


Gordon who was single exclaimed that he hope to get married but insist that he could not find a suitable partner. When asked if people would suspect his sexual orientation, he said: “No worries, it’s had been going for so many years!” Andy immediately said: “Please don’t drag me into this!” Gordon quipped that he had high requirements for his opposite half, but he himself is of low qualification. When reporters suggested to Gordon to widen his social circle, Andy then revealed that after the promotional activities in Mainland China, Gordon would go separate ways. Gordon quipped that he had lots of friends in China, he just went to invite male and female friends to watch the premiere. When asked if he would follow Andy’s footstep by getting married then announce, he exclaimed that he admired Andy but let nature take its course.


The reporters then suggest Andy to ask his wife to recommend girls to Gordon, Andy quipped that Gordon need to have achievements in his acting career before getting into relationships. Gordon exclaimed that Firestorm’s box office taking must exceed the records of Chinese films in 2013. When told that Unbeatable had a box office of 44 million, he added: “Then 22 million I’ll get into a relationship, if it’s 60 million I’ll get married!” Andy then quipped: “You’re fated to be single!”


news and photos from: Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sing Po, Headline Daily, AM730, Macao Daily