Firestorm press conference and premiere in Macau

Firestorm was selected as the opening film for the 56th Asia Pacific Film Awards, being the producer, executive producer and main lead Andy Lau lead Yao Chen, Benny Wong, Philip Keung Ho-Man, Michael Tong Man Lung and child actress Jacqueline Chan to attend the film’s press conference at Macau’s The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.

Andy kept sang praise of Jacqueline’s acting which made him unforgettable. When the compere asked Jacqueline if she prefer her god father Andy or father Philip, she exclaimed that she liked both but when she addressed Andy as ‘Ge Ge’ (elder brother), everyone present burst into laughter due to Andy’s age as he’s no longer young.


Yao Chen expressed that she’s delighted to able to collaborate with Andy in her first 3D film, but sighed after reading the script as most of her scenes were opposite Gordon Lam and only one scene with Andy, she hoped that they could collaborate again.


Andy quipped that when he’s not required for shooting, the film’s director asked him not to be present as not to pressurize everybody. Andy hope that the film could break the 300 million mark in box office taking.

When talked about the action scenes in the film, he said: “The production crew had done up all safety precautions, thus only managed to suffer from some bruises.” With regards to the actors using a lot of bullets which cost them ten thousands of dollars, Andy exclaimed that what need to be spend will be spend, the most expensive being the 1:1 Central built. He added that the large scale of action scenes was to hope that it would add new commercial elements, hope to path a way for police thriller into the Mainland China market.


During the interview, the air-con was too cold for Yao Chen who was wearing sleeveless and cough for a few times, the caring Andy requested a sweater for her, the reporter than quipped that he could hug her to give her some warmth, but Andy explained that he has a family now.


In addition, Benny expressed that he has confidence in the film’s box office, he pointed out that whenever Andy was present at the shooting, he did not pressurize but gave a good atmosphere.


During the premiere at night, Andy brought Yao Chen, Benny Wong, Philip Keung Ho-Man, Vinz Sze and child actress Jacqueline Chan to walk the red carpet in which Yao Chen showed off her white silky leg. Michael Miu was also present to show his support.



When interviewed, it was revealed that 10 years old Jacqueline had previous acting experiences in close to 10 films such as My Sassy Hubby and Turning Point 2. Andy expressed that she’s more experienced when compared to other newbie actors, he said: “For the past two years I collaborate with many child actors, some act out their own character, but Jacqueline being joyful but still can act as a child suffering autism which is a huge difference from her actual character.”


The reporter then seize the chance to ask if Andy allowed her daughter to act, he quipped: “It’s still so far away, we will talk when the time comes, let her make her own choice. (If she’s interested and will you support her?) Too far away, I don’t know now. (Jacqueline is already 10 years already and acted in so many films?) Let me tell you when she’s 10 years old.” When asked if his daughter inherited his acting skills, Jacqueline thought that the question was for her and instead answered the question thus helped Andy who sighed: “Thanks.”


news and photos from: Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Headline Daily,, Liberty Times